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  • Photo of Amir's Grandfather and King Nadir Shah taken

    In the book, it states, "an old. grainy photo of my grandfather and and King Nadir Shah taken in 1931" (5). In 1931, a photo of Amir's grandfather was taken. This is one of the first glimpses people get of Amir's past. It represents how Amir's family is one of a proud heritage, as his grandfather was with the former king.
  • King Nadir Shah was assassinated

    When Amir is viewing his past, he notes, "a photo of my grandfather and King Nadir Shah taken in 1931, two years before he was assassinated" (5). Two years after the photo was taken, which was in 1931, the king was killed. This suggests how a monarchy was unpopular in Afghanistan. It also shows how Amir's grandfather was not liked by being with the king.
  • Baba is born

    In the book, it states, "In 1933, the year Baba was born" (24). 1933 started Baba's legacy, which he continued to change. The fact that Baba was born during the monarchy changes his opinion on on several things politically related. In addition, during the time of the monarchy, he learned to exert control like a king, because he is acting like one in Afghanistan, as Baba has a ton of influence over everyone.
  • Amir is born, beginning his legacy

    In the book, Amir is born in, "1964, just one year before giving birth to [Amir]" (6). Amir is born in the summer of 1963, thus starting his long and adventorous journeys. He also has much to learn, being a son of such a rich father.
  • Amir's first words lay the foundation for the rift between him and Hassan

    Amir's first words were, "Baba" (11). FIrst words represent what the person holds dearest to them. Even though Amir was just a baby, he still held his father dearest to him, which would lead to Amir making sacrafices for his father to be proud of him.
  • Hassan is born, creating the rift/link between Amir and Hassan

    In the novel, Hassan, "was born in the winter of 1964" (6). Hassan's birth being one year after Amir's already creates the difference between them, but also creates a temporary friendship. Hassan is born as Amir's slave, but they end up being friends, then back to harsh slavery.
  • Hassan's first words lay the foundation for their relationship

    When Hassan speaks his first words, they are, "Amir, [Amir's] name" (11). Hassan's first words show what he keeps dearest to him: Amir. The fact that Hassan's first words relate to Amir show how Hassan will sacrifice things he holds precious to try and maintain a strong relationship with Amir.
  • Baba starts building an orphanage

    In the late 1960s, Baba decided to, "build an orphanage" (13). This shows how Baba does what he wants, and certainly has a lot of power in Afghanistan. It also shows how Baba wants to help more children because his children are not what he wants.
  • Amir goes to the lake with Baba

    In the book, Amir gets taken to, "Ghargha Lake, [which is] a few miles north of Kabul" (13). Amir lies to Baba and wants Baba all to himself at this time, which leads to widening the gap between Hassan and his relationship. Amir wants to spend more time with Baba because he wants Baba to be proud of him. He has no idea what it does to Hassan
  • The orphanage that Baba started building is now finished

    Baba finishes the orphanage, "three years [after it started]" (13). This helps prove how Baba put a ton of effort into his orphanage. It clearly means a ton to Baba even though he has children of his own.
  • Soviet Union ivades Afghanistan, changing it forever

    Amir states, "Because suddenly Afghanistan changed forever" (34). Amir hears gunfire, and foreshadows parts of the coming plot by suggesting that everthing is going to change forever. As this is a recap, he understands, in hindsight, that this was one of the only times that Afghanistan was the way he remembers it to be when he was a child.
  • Amir talks about Hassan's suggestions

    When Hassan asks Amir to climb the tree, Amir says about Hassan, "He always knew when to say the right thing" (37). Amir is saying that Hassan is such a good friend, not realizing that their relationship will crumble within a few years. Hassan is trying to be encouraging, but he knows something is different with the governemtn, and something major is going to happen soon.
  • Hassan gets violated and Amir watches cowardly

    In the book, Amir realizes that he is a coward. He says, "I had one last opportunity to stick up for Hassan- the way he had stuck up for me all those times in the past- and accept whatever happened to me. Or I could run" (77). In the end, Amir decides to be a coward and not stick up for Hassan because he is afraid of what Assef might do to him if he intervenes. In addition, Amir didn't yet realize that this would be his turning point in his life.
  • Soviet Union tanks changes Amir and Hassan's way of life forever.

    In the book, Amir narrates about the Soviet Union's takeover, "It was the beginning of the end" (36). By the end, Amir means the Afghanistan that he remembers as a kid, not the more modern Afghanistan. Amir also means that this is the end of his relationship with Hassan.
  • Amir's first novel about his stories with Baba is published

    In the book, Amir says, "The novel was published the following year, 1989" (183). Due to the fact that Amir's career is writing, and so is his legacy, he relies on writing to pass on his past. In addition, Amir changes due to his published book, which allows him to adapt and learn from his mistakes from a third-person perspective.
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