Kite Runner and The History of Afghanistan

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  • The End Of The Third-British Afghan War

    The British are defeated in the Third British-Afghan War. Afghanistan becomes an independent nation and a campaign of socioeconomic reform starts.
  • United States Recognizes Afghanistan

    United States Recognizes Afghanistan
    The United States formally recognizes Afganistan
  • King Zahir Shah is Overthrown

    King Zahir Shah is Overthrown
    While Zahir Shah, the king of Afghanistan, was away in Italy, his cousin Daoud Khan overthrows him in a military coup. Following this, the People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan took power and Khan declared himself president, ending the monarchy.
  • Assef Bullies Amir & Hassan

    While Hassan and Amir are playing Assef, the neighborhood bully and his followers begin to harass them. After Amir pleads to him to let them go, Assef responds saying "'You bother me more than this Hazara here. How can you talk to him, play with him, let him touch you?'" (Hosseini 41). Assef idolizes Hitler and believes Afghanistan should be rid of Hazaras. This shows how ignorant and rude Assef is, and is an example of the hardships Hazaras faced during this time period in Afghanistan.
  • Assef Rapes Hassan

    During the Kite running competition, Hassan gets the winning flag for Amir. However, when he is running back, Assef and his sidekicks corner him in an alleyway and rape him. Amir, standing in shock, is faced with the choice to either "Stand up for Hassan... the way he had stood up for [him]... Or [he] could run. In the end, [he] ran" (Hosseini 77). Amir makes a conscious decision to let Hassan suffer. This will do more than just haunt both Amir and Hassan for the remainder of their lives.
  • Amir Pelts Hassan With Pomegranates

    Amir Pelts Hassan With Pomegranates
    After Hassan is raped, Amir spends almost no time with him. One day, Amir asks Hassan to walk up to the hill with him and upon arrival he throws pomegranates at Hassan, hoping he'd hit him back. However instead of throwing them back, "He walked towards [Amir]. He opened it and crushed it on his own forehead" (Hoseini ?)." This demonstrates that Amir is consumed with guilt for being so cowardly. Amir wants punishment from Hassan to feel better. This is an example of Hassan's loyalty to Amir.
  • Amir and Baba Move To America

    Baba and Amir begin their journey to America. They face difficulties with transportation and fellow travelers die along the way. Soon after they arrive in the United States, "Baba [finds] a job... as an assistant at a gas station owned by an Afghan acquaintance" (Hosseini 130). This job is harsh, and Baba faces difficulty trying to adapt to American culture. However, The United States offers Amir great opportunity. Because of this, we see a power swift between the two of them.
  • Amir Graduates from High School

    Amir Graduates from High School
    At twenty years old, Amir graduated from high school. Though this day was important for Amir, it was even more important to Baba. After the ceremony "Baba took [him] to a bar... [and] announced 'Tonight I am drinking with my son'" (Hosseini 132). A close relationship develops between Baba and Amir during their time in America. Amir no longer needs to seek approval from Baba, as Baba is finally proud to be his father. Later that night Baba even gifts Amir with a car.
  • Osama bin Laden Goes to Afghanistan

    Osama bin Laden Goes to Afghanistan
    Saudi Islamist Osama bin Laden makes his first recorded trip to Afghanistan with the purpose of helping anti-Soviet fighters. Meanwhile, The United Nations examines proclaimed human rights breaches in Afghanistan.
  • Amir Meets Soraya

    Baba buys an old van which he and Amir use as a set up to sell cheap items at the flea market. One morning Baba speaks with his acquaintance, General Taheri. Taheri's daughter, Soraya, is there as well, and she and Amir make eye contact. When Soraya returns back to her set-up, "[Amir had to] fight the urge to look toward [her] van" (Hosseini 141). This is the very first time Amir and Soraya meet. Amir begins falling for her since the moment their eyes lock. Both their lives are forever changed.
  • Baba's Cancer Spreads

    Baba's Cancer Spreads
    After Baba is diagnosed with cancer, he weakens for months. After a while, the cancer spreads to his brain. After collapsing, Baba is taken to the hospital. During this time the doctor tells Amir that "'The cancer's metastasized...[and] [h]e'll have to take steroids'" (Hosseini ?). Amir and the doctors are already aware that Baba will soon pass. Amir will need to make it through this hard time and transition into living his own life completely independently.
  • Amir and Soraya Get Married

    Amir asks Baba to ask the General if he could have Soraya's hand in marriage as a last favor. Baba has never been prouder of his son. For the wedding "Baba spent... nearly the balance of his life savings... on the ceremony" (Hosseini 169). This is one of the happiest days ever for Soraya, Baba, The General, and Amir. Soon after the wedding Soraya suggests they move in with Baba to take care of him before he passes.
  • Amir Returns To Pakistan To Visit Rahim

    Rahim Khan calls Amir and informs him that he is very sick. Rahim asks Amir to come back to Pakistan and tells him "There is a way to be good again" (Hosseini 192). When he arrives, Rahim basically tells Amir that he can atone for what he did to Hassan by taking his son, Sohrab, with them to America. During the visit, Amir learns that Hassan and his wife were shot and murdered by the Taliban while staying Baba's house.
  • Amir Takes Sohrab Kite Running

    After taking in Sohrab, Amir decides to bring him kite running. After succeeding at cutting other kites, Sohrab lets out the first smile Amir has seen from him. It is lopsided and barely there, but still there. Amir asks Sohrab if he wants him to run the kite for him. When Sohrab nods Amir tells him "For you, a thousand times over" (Hosseini 371). Hassan said the same to Amir all those years ago. The book closes with Amir running. Not running away, but running with hope.
  • The Loya Jirga Adopts A New Constitution

    With input from about 500,000 Afghans, The Loya Jirga adopts a new constitution. There will be president, two vice presidents, and no prime minister. The official languages are Pashto and Dari. This constitution also calls for equality to women.
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    Kite Runner and The History of Afghanistan