Kite Runner and the History of Afghanistan

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In History
  • Mohammad Daoud Khan Nearly Takes Over Afghanistan

    Mohammad Daoud Khan Nearly Takes Over Afghanistan
    On this day a man by the name of Mohammad Daoud Khan embraced power. He was the cousin of the King at the time (Zahir Shah) and was the prime minister of Afghanistan. He created a military and although they didn't attack much it was still frightening for the people of Afghanistan.
  • Amir and Hassan hear gunshots

    Amir and Hassan hear gunshots
    Amir feels,"The earth shook a little and we heard the rat-a-tat-tat of gunfire. 'Father! Hassan cried"(Hosseini 35). This was terrifying for them because it was rioting and shooting in the streets. This is like the event of when Mohammad Daoud Khan takes over and attacks with his military throughout Afghanistan.
  • Ali and Hassan leave Amir and Baba

    Ali and Hassan leave Amir and Baba
    After Baba and Amir have a talk with Ali and Hassan, Ali tells Baba that they have to leave them. Although Ali and Baba have been childhood friends they can't stay there anymore because Hassan tells Ali that he got raped. Ali tells Baba that, "'[They] are leaving...'"(Hosseini 106). Ali realizes that there's no good for them to stay with Ali and Baba anymore because of what Hassan goes through. Baba insists they stay after they say that but they don't listen and leave the area.
  • Assef Rapes Hassan

    Assef Rapes Hassan
    After Hassan and Amir win the kite game Hassan is nowhere to be found. Until Hassan looks through an alley and sees Assef on, "[Hassan's} bare buttocks. [Assef] kept one hand on Hassan's back and undid his own belt buckle with his free hand." Assef is against Hazaras (as Hassan being one) and because Hassan is a Hazara, he rapes him as if he's 'trying to teach him a lesson'.
  • Gengis Khan creates a constitution allowing women rights.

    Gengis Khan creates a constitution allowing women rights.
    Khan makes this constitution to allow women rights and to modernize the state of Afghanistan. He also forces opponents of his out of the government
  • Baba Gets Very Sick

    Baba Gets Very Sick
    Baba gets cancer and Amir tries to help as much as possible. He asks to get doctors to cure him but because Baba hates doctors, he refuses. Soon after, him and Amir are at the flea market and Amir sees, "...Baba on the ground. His arms and legs are jerking" (Hosseini 158).
  • Afghans fly from war and take over areas

    Afghans fly from war and take over areas
    2.8 million Afghans fled from war to Pakistan, and 1.5 million Afghans fled to Iran. Afghan guerrillas took over rural areas and Soviet soldiers take over urban areas
  • Osama bin Laden Makes His First Appearance

    Osama bin Laden Makes His First Appearance
    Osama bin Laden makes his first documented trip to Afghanistan to aid anti-soviet fighters.
  • Amir Meets Soraya

    It all starts when Amir asks where General Taheri is. He asks Soraya if,"...General Sahib [is] here today"(145). He was extremely nervous to talk to her because he didn't want to sound weird when asking her that. Luckily for Amir, he ends up marrying her later on in the book.
  • Karim Goes to Help Amir Save Sohrab

    Karim didn't want to go with Amir to help save Sohrab. After all the hurtful comments he said to Amir, he felt bad so he thought that,"Maybe [he] will help find this boy"(239). He finally agrees to help save Sohrab which gained a strong connection between him and Amir when saving Sohrab.
  • Amir fights Assef

    Amir demands Assef to let him have Sorab but Assef denies it. Instead he says he will fight Amir and whoever wins gets Sohrab. During the fight, Assef gets an unfair advantage because he gets his brass knuckles and easily overpowers Amir. Then Sohrab steps in and and slings his slingshot making a, "...thwiiiiit sound when [he] released the cup"(267) Sohrab aimed the slingshot and Assef and let it fling into Assef's eye. Amir runs with Sohrab and they are free from Assef
  • Sohrab Becomes Depressed

    After saving Amir, Sohrab wishes to go to America with him but he is not legally allowed to be with Amir because he isn't technically a legal guardian. Sohrab hated his life when he was in the orphanage back in Pakistan and he doesn't want to live his life like that again by living in another orphanage. One of the slightest signs of his depression was when, "Soraya asked if he liked his room...Sohrab lowered his head"(358). Sohrab didn't feel happy and Soraya and Amir had no idea why.
  • Sohrab is Happy Again

    After Sohrab's depression, Amir flys a kite reminding Sohrab of his wonderful life back in Afghanistan and a,"corner of his mouth had curled up just so"(370). Amir had finally made Sohrab happy. Sohrab later stood up to go fly the kite and this is how the book ends.
  • Taliban Destroy Buddhist Statues

    Taliban Destroy Buddhist Statues
    The Taliban go to Bamiyan, Afghanistan to destroy buddhist statues. According to the Taliban the statues are an affront to Islam.
  • Rahim Khan Gets Sick

    After many years it is now 2001. Amir lives an enjoyable life in The US with his wife Soraya. He meets up with Rahim Khan to drink tea and talk. Rahim Khan believes that he won't, "... see the end of this summer," (Hosseini 201). Rahim Khan will probably die soon and Amir seeks help for him.