Kite Runner and the History of Afghanistan

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  • Women's breakthrough's

    Women's breakthrough's
    In effect of Daoud's reforms, women now were able to attend university and enter in work.
  • The birth of Hassan

    Amir describes Hassan's birth and how he remembers his life in the shack near Baba's mansion. He can remember the day of his birth, and how his mother had left only one week later.
  • The Afghan Communist Party

    The Afghan Communist Party
    Leaders Babrak Karmal and Nur Mohammad Taraki join to create the Afghan Communist Party in secret.
  • The orphanage

    Around the age of five or six, Amir remembers how is father created his own plans for an orphanage. Although the people said he was crazy for doing it on his own, he managed to succeed on his own.
  • Time for Soccer

    During the time of working on the orphanage, Baba flew out to Tehran and watched the World Cup game on television cause Afghanistan had not yet received it.
  • Amir's flashback to the first fight in Afghanistan.

    Amir remembers the night of 1973, where gunshots has broken out, because Zahir Shah's cousin overthrew him. Right after, "Ali had taken me and Hassan in his arms"(365)
  • New king

    New king
    Khan overthrows the old king Mohammed Zahir Shah, names himself the president and creates connections with the USSR.
  • In the hospital room

    Looking back on the day in 1974 where Hassan had got his lip surgery, Amir realized that the people who had been at Hassan's, bed where now dead or dying. "Except for me". (219) Amir experiences some guilt in this moment because he is suddenly the only one left.
  • The fleeing

    The fleeing
    2.8 million Afghans emmigrate Afghanistan to Pakistan, and 1.5 to Iran.
  • Graduation

    Amir has slowly gained the accepteance form his father. Graduating High School had given Baba something to be proud of Amir for. "His eyes gleamed when he said that and I like being on the receiving end of that look.
  • The "noon cannon"

    While Amir had been in the car, he started to think about how their had been much damage on the mountain ranges he had been looking at. "It went off every day to announce noontime, and also to signal the end of daylight..."(245)
  • Arrival home

    When Amir had arrived home with Sohrab, Soraya had picked them up from the airport. "I had never been away from Soraya for so long"(357) Amir realizes that he missed her, while Soraya goes to meet with Sohrab and tell him she's his new Khala Soraya.
  • To be good again

    After a phone call with Rahim Khan, Amir thinks to himself about Rahim's final wish. "Come. There is a way to be good again" (192) The chance that Amir is exactly what he has wanted for a while, to atone for his sins.
  • Ignorance

    The Taliban ignores protests and carry out the plan to destroy buddhist statues Bamiyan.
  • A time for gathering

    On a day rainy day in March, Amir took Soraya, Khala, and Sohrab to a "gathering of Afghans at Lake Elizabeth Park in Fremont." (363) This event in the story had been special due to the fact that the new year meant something different, something joyful.
  • Period: to

    The Kite Runner

    Starts in 1921, ends in 2014