Kite Runner and the History of Afghanistan

Timeline created by Ryan Weiler
  • Hassan is born (book)

    Hassan was a poor boy that "in that little shack, that Hassan was born in the winter of 1964" (Hosseini 6). Hassan is an important part of the book, since he was Amir's only childhood friend. They become very close throughout the book, although Amir always thinks of him as a servant.
  • Baba shows love to Amir (Book)

    In the beginning of the book, Baba is seen to not give his son a lot of attention, but Amir lights up when they got to be "Just Baba and [Amir], eating boiled eggs with kofta sandwiches" (Hosseini 14). Amir rarely gets affection from his father, which makes him more appreciative of it when it happens. He becomes jealous of Hassan because he sees how Baba wishes that he was more like Hassan. This makes him betray Hassan to try to get more attencion from Baba.
  • Amir wants a different father (book)

    In the book Hassan has a close relationship with his father, and since Amir does not, he "felt envious of Hassan" (Hosseini 35). Amir wants a different father that would love and care for him more because he feels left out when he doesn't get any attention from Baba. He becomes envious of how Hassan has a father that cares for him, which makes him become mad at Hassan for this.
  • Monarchy destroyed in Afghanistan (book)

    During while the King was away in Italy, the citizens of Kabul "had ended the king's forty-year reign with a bloodless coup" (Hosseini 36). The king was away at the time and was surprised to found out that the monarchy was finished. This is an important event because it starts the changes to every day life that will affect Hassan and Amir to come due to the newly made republic.
  • Hassan Surgery (book)

    As a birthday present to Hassan from Baba, Baba got a doctor to fix "his upper lip. 'Oh,' he said again" (Hosseini 46). Amir is Jealous how Baba gave Hassan a bigger present than himself and wishes he could do something to prove he is worthy to be Baba's son. Hassan is what Baba wishes Amir is like, but he can't have Hassan, and doesn't appreciate Amir.
  • Amir wins Baba over by winning the kite tournament (book)

    Amir got a lot of help from Hassan since Hassan wanted to help Amir get closer with Baba. Amir began to throw his "free arm around Hassan and we were hopping up and down, both of us laughing, both of us weeping. 'You won, Amir Agha! You won'" (Hosseini 66). Amir wanted to win the Kite tournament so that Baba could love him more, and after he won, he felt happy for a little while, but then led to the saddest moment in his life. Amir, seeking aproval, got discomfort instead.
  • Hassan leaving forever (book)

    When Amir framed Hassan, and Hassan said he did it, Ali says "We are leaving, Agha sahib" (Hosseini 106). Amir made Ali and Hassan leave ultimately because he couldn't forgive himself and was mad at Hassan for not being mad at him. He didn't know what to do in the moment of seeing Hassan getting raped, and now regrets not doing anything.
  • Soviets invade Afghanistan (Article)

    Afghanistan has been a peaceful country until "1979, when the Soviet Union invaded" (The New York Times 1).
  • Baba and Amir move to Jalalabad because of the Russians (book)

    Amir and Baba have to go somewhere safe after the Russians invade Kabul and decides that "he was taking us to Jalalabad" (Hosseini 111). Since the country is not safe anymore, Amir and Baba decide to leave Afghanistan for safety reasons, which is a hard transition for both of them since they went from high class to bottom class. Amir feels like he gains traction with Baba and his relationship with him during this time.
  • Baba has a hard time getting used to America (book)

    Baba was having a hard time settling into America, especially when things like "Mr. Nguyen [asking] for an ID" (Hosseini 127). The culture and lifestyle of America was not suitable for how Baba wanted to live. This caused problems in daily life for him that made Amir have to care for him more.
  • Baba starts selling goods at the flea market (book)

    Baba, being good at selling things, decided to go back into the business of sales and before you know it "he was taking an elderly woman's money for a rocking horse" (Hosseini 153). Baba showed good progress of becoming comfortable in America. This helps comfort Amir as he is starting to move on to become a self established writer.
  • Amir meets Soraya (book)

    Amir meets Soraya and is interested in getting to know her better as Baba asks Amir "has she made an impression on you" (Hosseini 141). Amir has become very interested in Soraya recently, and starts to talk to Baba about her. This means that he wants to maybe marry her, which is an important part of someone's life.
  • Amir and Soraya get maried (book)

    Amir was ready to marry Soraya, but he's "going to miss [Baba]... Soraya pulled me to her and the tears finally came" (Hosseini 176). Amir shows how he finally became a man by leaving Baba and going off by himself for the first time. It shows his growth throughout the book and how he has became just like what his father wanted him to be.
  • Amir publishes first book (book)

    Amir has become very independent and followed his love of writing and was "going to be a published novelist" (Hosseini 183). Amir shows his success through his writing, and would make Baba very proud. He has become a good, successful person which proves many people wrong with their disbelief in his career choice.
  • Soviet troops leave Afghanistan (Article)

    The final troops leave Afghanistan in "February 1989, in what was in effect a unilateral withdrawal" (The New York Times).
  • Afghanistan goes into a fight for power (Article)

    Afghanistan was left without any way to determine who would rule which led to a surge for power "by the summer of 1994, power was anarchically divided among competing warlords" (The New York Times 2).
  • Taliban takes control of the country (Article)

    The Taliban had a popular support group and "by 1996 had taken control of Afghanistan" (The New York Times 3).
  • Taliban destroys Buddha Statues (Article)

    The Taliban was taking over the country and with so much power were doing what they want. They even "ordered the destruction of the 800-year-old Buddha statues at Bamiyan" (The New York Times 3).
  • Amir gets beat up by Assef (book)

    Amir goes back to Afghanistan to try to get Hassan's son back from Assef, which ends up beating him up with Hassan's son saying "No more, Agha. Please... Please stop" (Hosseini 290). Amir decided to let him beat him up since he wanted to feel even with what he let him do to Hassan all those years ago. He feels atonement through this for his actions and his happy for it.
  • 9/11 attack on America (Article)

    The U.S. got involved with Afghanistan right when the U.S. decided to make an "invasion after the Sept. 11 attacks by Al Qaeda" (The New York Times 1).
  • Sohrab and Amir play with kites (book)

    Amir finally makes a connection with Sohrab and Amir says "Do you want me to run that kite for you? His adam's apple rose and fell as he swallowed. The wind lifted his hair. I thought I saw him nod. 'For you, a thousand times over'" (Hosseini 371). Amir repeats what Rahim Khan said to him all those years ago, winding the book up as he finally gets to pay Hassan back for everything he has done for him. The makeshift happy ending leaves a mystery for how the characters end up but a good promise.
  • New President of Afghanistan (Article)

    The Taliban left a big mark on Afghanistan, but after they got kicked out of the country by the Americans, "international aid Mr. Karzai was elected to a 5-year term as president in 2004" (The New York Times 3).
  • Taliban regains power (Article)

    The Taliban slowly rebuilt their empire by becoming "larger, better coordinated and more deadly each year" (The New York Times 4).
  • More Americans sent to Afghanistan (Article)

    Obama, seeing the war "announced his plan to deploy 30,000 additional troops" (The New York Times 4).
  • American Troops coming home (Article)

    Obama promised to "start bringing American forces home from Afghanistan in the middle of 2011" (The New York Times 4).
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