KISS Timeline Jacob

By kwade
  • Gene Klien and Stanly Eisen meet

    Gene Klien and Stanly Eisen meet for the first time at a mutual friend's house. At first the two do not like each other, but muically chemistry was there. They eventually form a lifelong friendship.
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    KISS Timeline

  • Gene and Stan form WICKED LESTER

    Gene and Stan form WICKED LESTER with Steve Coronel, Brook Ostrander, And Tony Zarella.
  • Gene and Stan discover Peter Criss

    Gene and Stan discover Peter Criss through his ad in the local village voice that read "Drummer willing to do anything to make it". The trio rehearsed for months to the perfect sound that we know today. Now all they need was a smoking hot guitarist and a name.
  • Gene and Stan disband WICKED LESTER

    Gene and Stan disband WICKED LESTER and give up a record deal with epic records to make the ultimate rock band
  • The guys decide to call the new band KISS

    The guys decide to call the new band KISS. Next after holding auditions the band decides to hire Paul "Ace" Frehley as their lead guitarist.
  • The band develop their stage names and face paint

    Gene Klein AKA Gene Simmons becomes the Devil, Stanley Eison became the Starchild while Paul Frehley becomes the Space Ace and Peter Criss becomes the Catman.
  • The band hire a Jimmy Hendrix engineer to make their first demo.

    The band hire Eddie Kramer (a Jimmy Hendrix engineer) to help them their first demo which included songs such as Duece, Cold Gin, Strutter, Watching You and Black Diamond. They then sent it to every record labe in the indrustry.
  • Band discovers future manager.

    The band meet manager Bill Acoin playing shows at the hotel diplomat. He promises a record deal within two weeks. In that time they sign up with Casablanca records.
  • The boys enter Bell Sound Studios

    Kenny Kerner and Eddie Wise help them make their first album KISS. Within a month th album is finished.
  • KISS opens for NYC Acadamy of Music

    KISS opens for Blue Oyster Cult, Iggy And The Sttoges and Teenage Lust at NYC's Academy of Music. Gene sets his hair on fire for the first time fire breathing at the end of their song Firehouse.
  • KISS start their first tour

    KISS enters "The Billboard 100" while on tour.
  • KISS plays at Dick Clark's concert.

    KISS plays at Dick Clark's concert and takes the world by storm.
  • KISS release their first single "Nothing To Loose/ Love Theme From KISS.

    ONE OF THE BEST SONGS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • KISS release "Hotter Than Hell"

    "Hotter Than Hell" was KISS'es second album and was one of their best albums ever.
  • KISS works on their third album

    Neil Bogart becomes the producer of this album,
  • "Dressed To Kill" is released.

    "Dressed To Kill" contians the rock anthem "Rock And Roll All Night". "Rock And Roll All Night" is still a hit song today.
  • KISS peform at Cobo Hall in Detroit.

    This concert was KISS'es first "sold out concert". Later Shows in Ohio, New Jersey and Iowa were recorded for "KISS Alive!".