Kim Jong Il

  • Birth

    According to Soviet records Kim Jong Il was born near Khabarovsk, Russia in 1941. However, Kim's biography says that he was born in a secret military camp in Japanese Korea in 1942. Official Korean biographers claim that his birth was foretold by a swallow and marked by a double rainbow and the changing of winter to spring.(3,6)
  • Period: to

    Kim Jong Il

  • Kim starts his political career

    Kim Jong Il started working in th cultural and propaganda departments of the Central Committee of the Worker's Party of Korea.
  • Secretary of Organization and Progaganda

    Kim was in charge of a very secretive oraganization code name "Party Center"(11)
  • Kim Il Sung's death

    On July 8th Kim Jong Il's father, Kim Il-sung died of a heart attack at the age of 82.(3)
  • Military First Policy

    After years of famine, Kim Jong Il adapted a military first policy to strengthen the country.(11)
  • Kim takes power

    On October 8th, 1997, Kim Jong Il officially took the titles General Secretary of the Worker's Party of Korea, and Chairman of the National Defense Commission.
  • Suffers Stroke

    According to South Korean intelligence, Kim Jong Il suffered a stroke.(11)