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Key Events in Melbourne's History

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    Key Events in Melbourne's History

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    Key Events in Melbourne's History

  • Melbourne is Founded

    Melbourne is Founded
    In 1835, John Pascoe Fawkner and John Batman founded Melbourne. This event was important because it was when Melbourne was founded.
  • Melbourne Cricket Club founded

    Melbourne Cricket Club founded
    In 1838, the MCC or the Melbourne Cricket Club was founded. This was important because is was the start of a very popluar club in Melbourne.
  • Melbourne declared a city

    Melbourne declared a city
    On the 25th of June 1847, Queen Victoria declared Melbourne a city. This was important because Melbourne became a city.
  • Gold Rush

    Gold Rush
    The Gold Rush occured during the 1850's and 1860's. In just ten years, Australia's population tripled. It is a major part of Melbourne's History due to the sudden rise in population and made Melbourne very popluar.
  • Melbourne University

    Melbourne University
    In 1953, The University of Melbourne opened. This was important because Melbourne University is a popluar university in Melbourne.
  • The First Town Hall

    The First Town Hall
    The first Town Hall opened in 1854. Because it was the first town hall it was important.
  • State Library

    State Library
    In 1854 the State Library of Victoria was founded. The Library is well known for it's amazing features and historic exhibitions, which makes it an important part of Melbourne.
  • Flinders Street Station

    Flinders Street Station
    Flinders Strret Station was completed during 1854. Flinders Street Station is a popluar train station located in the city.
  • Melbourne Museum

    Melbourne Museum
    The Melbourne Museum was founded in 1855. It is important because the Museum is a popular attraction for all.
  • Queen Victoria Market

    Queen Victoria Market
    The Queen Victoria Market was founded in 1857. It was a key event because it is a very well-known market in Victoria.
  • Melbourne Football Club

    Melbourne Football Club
    Melbourne Football Club - AFL's oldest team was founded in 1858. This was a very important event because it started the great sport known as AFL.
  • Train Stations

    Train Stations
    In 1859, Batman's Hill Station (now known as Southern Cross or Spencer Street Station) and Princes Gate Station were completed. This was important because Southern Cross Station is connected to many stations in the country.
  • First Melbourne Cup

    First Melbourne Cup
    The first Melbourne Cup was in 1861. This was important because it has become a popular event and is held every year.
  • Melbourne Zoo

    Melbourne Zoo
    In 1862, the Melbourne Zoo was founded, this is important because it is a famous zoo in Melbourne and it holds very special animals.
  • Royal Exhibition Building

    Royal Exhibition Building
    The Royal Building oped in 1880. This is important because this building holds many different famous exhibitions each year.
  • First Cable Tram

    First Cable Tram
    Melbourne's first cable tram line opened in 1885. This is important because Melbourne is one of the few places you can find trams in the world.
  • Electric Lighting

    Electric Lighting
    Melbourne streets were first lit by electric lighting in 1984. This is important because it lit up Melbourne.
  • Sewage

    In 1897, the first part of the main sewage system was operational. This was important because it allowed Melbourne to smell a bit nicer and clear away all the stench of the city.
  • Federation

    In 1901, the Commonwealth of Australia was formed and Melbourne became a national capital. This was important because it gave women the right to vote and participate in other activities.
  • First Electric Tram

    First Electric Tram
    In 1906, the first ever electric tram was installed in Melbourne city streets.
  • Traffic Lights

    Traffic Lights
    The first ever set of traffic lights of Melbourne were installed in 1928 on Colin and Swanston streets. This was important because it made the roads a safer place.
  • Moomba

    The first Moomba parade was in 1954. The Moomba parade is held each year and attratcs many people.
  • Olympics

    The Olympics were held in Melbourne during 1956, they opened on the 22nd of November and Closed on the 8th of December.
    The Olympics is a key event in Melbourne's History because it was the first major sporting event held in Melbourne.
  • Sidney Myer Music Bowl

    Sidney Myer Music Bowl
    The Sidney Myer Music Bowl opened in 1959. The Music Bowl is important because it holds many music events each year.
  • West Gate Bridge

    West Gate Bridge
    In 1970, the West Gate Bridge collapsed, killing 35 consrruction workers.
  • Ash Wednesday and Dust Storm

    Ash Wednesday and Dust Storm
    In 1983, two disasterous events occured, Ash Wednesday and Melbourne Dust Storm. The Dust Storm occured on the 8th of February and Ash Wednesday occured on the 16th.
  • Rialto Towers

    Rialto Towers
    The Rialto Towers were completed in 1986, becoming Melbourne's tallest building, as well as the tallest in the southern hemisphere.
  • Southbank

    Southbank promenade opened in 1990.
  • Bolte Bridge

    Bolte Bridge
    The Bolte Bridge opened for traffic in 1999. This was important because it became easier for traffic to travel out of the city.
  • Commonwealth Games

    Commonwealth Games
    The Commonwealth Games were held in Melbourne in 2006. This was important because it attracted lots of people to the city.
  • Victorian Bushfires

    Victorian Bushfires
    In 2009, the VIctorian Bushfires occured becoming the worst fire in the history of Melbourne and killing hundreds of people.
  • 175th Birthday

    175th Birthday
    During 2010, Melbourne celebrated it's 175th Birthday!
  • The End of the World?

    On the 21st of December, 2012, the world may end?
  • Virtual Watch

    The first ever virtual watch is invented by a Melbournian Inventor.
  • Transport

    Promises to increase public transport usage by 20% of motorised trips for 2020
  • Paper

    In 2024, Melbourne Scientist discovers a way to make paper without destroying the trees.
  • Cure for Cancer

    In 2028, Melbourne Scientist finds a cure for cancer, becoming the world's best scientist.
  • Hovercars made