Key changes in New Zealand in the 19th century

  • First European encounter with Maori

    Abel Tasman - day and month random
  • Captain Cook's first voyage to NZ

    Day and Month random
  • 1000 European ships visited New Zealand

  • Period: to

    Missionaries very active

  • Period: to

    Literacy introduced by missionaries

  • First official British resident

    James Busby Day and month random
  • First shipload of settlers leave for NZ

    Day random
  • Period: to

    The 1840s as a "Race Relations apprenticeship"

  • Period: to

    Maori population decline

    From 100,000 to 40,000
  • Signing of the Treaty of Waitangi

  • Crown inaction against settler deaths

  • Hone Heke's final assault on the flag pole

  • "Defeat" at the bat's nest

    Day is random
  • All Maori land has to be registered

    Instructions from colonial office
  • NZ's first Parliament formed

    Month and date incorrect
  • Kingitanga formed

    day and month random
  • Settlers outnumber Maori for the first time

  • Land Wars Taranaki

    Day and month random
  • Period: to

    Population Explosion

    tens of thousands of settlers arriving outnumber Maori population
  • Period: to

    Land confiscation

    Government passes laws enabling confiscation of Maori Land
  • Gold discovered

    Turns Dunedin into New Zealand's largest town
    100s of young men arrive
    Economy kick started
    Hardly any women
  • Period: to

    The Waikato War

  • The beginning of the Vogel Era

  • Migration

  • Period: to

    Heavy investment in railroads and roads

  • Abolition of local government

    Day and month random
  • Economic Depression

    Day and month random
  • First shipment of frozen meat

    Day and date random
  • Maori king formal act of peace

    Day and month random
  • Women can vote

    Day and month random