Australia 1830

Key Australian Events

  • Period: to

    Key Events in Melbourne

  • Melbourne Founded by John Batman

    Melbourne is founded
  • Melbourne is offically a city

  • Gold Rush

    Melbourne became wealthy and people started to migrate to Melbourne
  • First steam railway is opened

  • 125000

  • Exhibition Building Built

  • The Great Depression Started

    The boom is over and the depression starts. Many businesses close.
  • Working Men College

    Now fomally known as RMIT is opened
  • Lighting the streets of Melbourne

    Electric lighting is installed and the streets are alight :D
  • Sewerage is opened

    The main part of the sewerage system is opened and the strench goes away, eventually.
  • Federation

    Australia offically became its own country and Melbourne is made the capital.
  • Electric Trains Began

    Electric train commences which allows people to travel places faster than the old steam ones.
  • Collin Street Built

  • Flinders Street Station is Built

    Flinders Street Station is built and a faster way to get into the city is made.
  • New Capital

    The capital of Australia is moved from Melbourne to Canberra.
  • Traffic Lights are Built

    The streets of Melbourne are safer due to these lights
  • Postwar Migration

    First boat load of post war migrates come into Australia
  • Immigrates for the Gold Rush

    Immigrates start to come for the Gold Rush
  • Olympics

    Olymics came to Melbourne
  • Cityloop is Built

    The construction of the cityloop makes it easier to get around the city
  • Developement/ Constrution of Docklands and the Citylink Freeways

    This is an investment and that would soon bring money to the city after its built.
  • Commenwealth Games

    Brings tourism to Mlebourne.
  • Carbon Tax is Introduced

    Hopefully, forces bussinesses to use renewable energy and households to reduce their use of electrity.
  • Renewable Energy is in Place

    The city would be embracing natures energies instead o burning coaland harming the environment.
  • High Speed Train is introduced

    Makes traveling interstate quicker and cheaper.