Revolutnary war

Kevin Underwood Revolutionary War Timeline

By Rawr522
  • War moves to the middle states

    The british lost a battle in boston and were pushed out of the middle states. So the British decided to take New York to make a wedge between the coloinies.
  • The British arive in New York

    The British arrive in New York with 32,000 soldiers with German mercenearies called hessians ready to take New York for the British.
  • Battle of New York

    General Washington was able to bring 23,000 soldiers to New York to defend it but they were highly outnumbered by the british and alot of them were untrained recruits with poor equipment.
  • Battle of Trenton

    Battle of Trenton
    General Washington led 2,400 soldiers across the deleware river in a storm and surprised the Hessians and killed 30 of them and took about 900 captive and took 6 cannons.
  • The Number of Troops Decline

    Washington was pushed out of New York into Pennsylvania. He was left with only 8,000 men and the terms of their enlistment ended on December 31.
  • Victory at Princeton

    8 days after the Battle of Trenton General Washington marched into Princeton where 1,200 British soldiers were stationed and defeated them getting another victory for the colonists.
  • Treaty of Cooperation

    The French recognized the American independence and signed an alliance with the Americans in February of 1777. The treaty said that the French cannot make peace with the British unless they recognize the American independene.
  • British arive in Philadelphia

    The British wanted to take the American capitlal so they set out in the spring and they arrived in late august. The colonists fled and were unable to block the redcoats off. So the British seized Philadelphia and they were welcomed by the city's loyalists.
  • Battle of Saratoga

    Battle of Saratoga
    The Colonists defeat the British after many clashes with them and they take their supplies, which the colonists were very low on.
  • Help by the French

    The victory at Saratoga got the trust of the French and they secretly sent weapons to support the colonists.
  • Period: to

    Valley Forge

    Valley Forge was the Continental Army's camp site during the winter of 1777 to 1778. This was the site where mny people froze to death while others got frostbite.
  • European allies shift the balance

    During this time the Continental Army undergo an amaing transformation. A Prussian captain volunteered to help train the Continental army better. After this the Army became an effective fighting force.
  • British Stadegy

    After the loss of Saratoga the British the changed their stagedy to claim the southern colonies and rally the loyalists.
  • British Success in the South

    A British expidition took savannah, Georgia easily.
  • Lafayette and the French

    Marquis de Lafayette an aristocrat offered his assistance. He bore by General Washington. He lobbied for French reinforcments in 1779.
  • British rule the south

    A royal governor once again commanded Georgia.
  • The British sail south

    General Clinton and General Cornwallis sailed sout with 8,500 men.
  • British Victory in the south

    The British capture Charlestown, South Carolina. Also 5,500 American soldiers were now prisoners of war.
  • Cornwallis's Victories

    For most of 1780 Cornwallis won the majority of his battles.
  • Another Victory for the British in the South

    General Cornwallis defeat the Americans in Camden, South Carolina.
  • British develop forts in South Carolina

    Three months after Camden the British develop forts across the state but is cut off with British communication by the Americans
  • French help out at Yorktown

    A french fleet landed in newport, Rhode Islandafter the british left their to pursue the south. This fleet helped defeat the British at Yorktown.
  • Americans win in Copwens.

    General morgan and his men fought outnumbered and made the British surrender
  • British attack in Guilford

    Angered by the defeat General Cornwallis sends troops to Guikford and wins the battle but he loses alot of his men.
  • The Americans need help

    After the battling General Cornwallis the americans were weakened and General Greene asks Lafayette for help in a letter
  • Financing the War

    Congress appointed a wealthy Philidelphian merchant named Robert Morris as a superintendentof finance
  • Troops are Paid

    Morris and Saloman did everything they could to raise money for the war and by September of 1781 the troops were finally paid in specie or gold coin.
  • The british wave the white flag

    The british wave the white flag
    After three weeks of battling the British ended up out numbered and they surrendered.
  • Battle of Yorktown

    The American and French armies stood on a road in Virginia to see the British formally surrender. The British were not wearing there redcoats they where wearing there blue coats.
  • British lay down their arms

    General Washington and his troops assembled to accept the British surrender. Representing General Cornwallis was General O'Hara and he handed over his sword and the British laid down their arms.
  • Treaty of Paris

    The delegates of the war signed the treaty of paris declaring the colonists independent. So now the U.S. was to the mississippi river and down to florida and parts of canada.