Kenny Washington

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  • Kenny Washington was born

    Kenny Washington was born
    Marion Lenan gave birth to Kenny Washington Jr.
  • Kenny Washington´s house

    Kenny Washington was mainly raised by his grandmother and his Uncle Rocky.
  • High school for Kenny

    In 1933, school, Washington was an athletic force. He led Lincoln High School to the city title his freshman year and then six months later to the football championship his senior season. He went to school with Jackie Robinson
  • College for Kenny

    On the football field, Washington was nearly unstoppable. In 1939 the running back played 580 of 600 minutes and led the nation in scoring. That same season he became the first UCLA player to be named an All-American.
  • Kenny´s almost pro Career

    Not even legendary Chicago Bears coach George Halas, who'd coached Washington in the College All Star Game and pushed hard to get Washington to play in the NFL, could get the ban overturned.
  • Kenny Washington was drafted

    He was finally drafted after the 12 year ban on black NFL players.
  • Kenny´s pro career

    Finally, in 1946 the NFL lifted its race ban when the Los Angeles Rams, facing a threat of losing its lease on the Los Angeles Coliseum unless it signed an African-American player, inked Washington and Strode to a pair of deals.
  • Kenny kept his record

    Even though Washington's knees were pretty much shot, he still managed to average 6.1 yards per carry during his three seasons with the club. His 92-yard touchdown run against Chicago in 1947 continues to be a franchise record.
  • Kenny´s college jersey

    Washington retired from the NFL following the 1948 season. His No. 13 jersey was retired by UCLA in 1956, and that same year Washington was inducted into the College Hall of Fame.
  • Kenny Washington DIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kenny Washington DIES!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Washington died of heart and lung problems in Los Angeles in 1971 at the age of devastating.
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