Kayleigh Banton G321 Production Log

  • Spicy Nodes

    Today i created a spicy nodes. I done this to give me a clear idea of the conventions and iconography of a horror. So that when i am planning my idea for my horror opening sequence i can look back at this and have a clear understanding of what to include in my opening sequence inorder to adhere to the conventions of a horror.
  • Period: to

    Production Log

  • Preliminary Project

    This lesson, i edited the footage for my preliminary project which was recorded in the previous lesson
  • Wallwisher

    This lesson i created a wall wisher for my view on what i think is horror. This allows me to present all my initial ideas.
  • Analysis of horror company logo

  • Logo

    This lesson i created my own logo
  • Updated weebly

  • Analysis of synopsis

  • 3x title sequence analysis

  • Initial ideas Title Sequence

  • Franchise Analysis

  • Roland Barthes analysis of Opening Sequence 1

  • Roland Barthes analysis of Opening Sequence 2

  • Opening Sequence Analysis

  • Font Analysis & Initial ideas opening sequence storyboard

  • Digital media case study & Subgenre research

  • Star research filming & Initial Audience Research