Katy Perry Timeline

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  • Birth

    She is born in Santa Barbara, California.
  • She's becomes famous

    She's becomes famous
    With themes like "I kissed a girl" or "Ur so gay" she was coming to fame.
    After this he reached stardom
  • One Of The Boys

    One Of The Boys
    In 2008 she was releasing her first album, "one of the boys"
    Before this she was moderately famous
  • The smurfs

    The smurfs
    It was confirmed that Katy would be the voice of Smurfette in the movie The Smurfs
  • Teenage Dream

    Teenage Dream
    For this year she is releasing California Gurls, the first single from her second album Teenage Dream
  • Part of me

    Part of me
    She releases her own movie. This film tells the story of his career path.
  • Prism

    Katy released her third studio album, "Prism" with songs like "Dark Horse" or "Roar"
  • Roar

    The single was a complete success, reaching # 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.
  • Super Bowl XLIX

    Super Bowl XLIX
    One of the best super bowl presentations is the one that Katy Perry presented in the XLIX super bowl
  • Witness

    Wittness was already the fourth album and received mixed reviews, but it was not equal to the previous ones
  • Present

    Witness is the last album that Katy released, she has released new singles, but we are waiting for her new album.