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Karl Popper

  • Birth of Karl Popper

    Father, Simon Siegmund Carl Popper and mother, Jenny Schiff, welcome baby Karl Raimund Popper in Vienna.
  • The Open Society and Its Enemies

    The Open Society and Its Enemies
    The Open Society and Its Enemies was a monumental accomplishment for Karl Popper, as this book paved the way for politics and philosophy. Popper wrote in defense of liberal democracy verses totalitarianism. Popper also argues that the spirit of free, critical inquiry that governs scientific investigation should also apply to politics(2021).
  • The Poverty fo Historicism

    The Poverty fo Historicism
    The Poverty of Historicism is a book written about both science and social sciences. Popper defined the differences, and then in the second part of his book critiqued. “The Poverty of Historicism was first written as a paper which was read in 1936, then updated and published as a book in 1957” (Sterling). Popper believed that,” it is the task of the social sciences to lay bare the law of evolution of society in order to foretell its future…”(Sterling).
  • The Logic of Scientific Discovery

    The Logic of Scientific Discovery
    Popper’s mind was brilliant as he thought of a “technical concept of a “basic statement” or “basic proposition”, which he defines as a statement which can serve as a premise in an empirical falsification and which takes the singular existential form” (Thornton). Falsability is fascinating because it questions everything that we believe to be true, that although something in this moment is true, in a hundred years from now it could mean something different. For science this was a breakthrough.
  • The Death of Karl Popper

    Unfortunately, life is not forever. Karl Popper “died of complications of cancer, pneumonia and kidney failure, said a manager at the hospital in this London suburb”(Press).