Kaleighs timeline

  • United nations formed

    United nations formed
    The United Nations was formed on October 24, 1945, in order to maintain peace across the globe.
  • Truman doctrine

    Truman doctrine
    The Truman Doctrine was proposed by Harry Truman. It was an American Policy, that offered help to countries that were facing authoritarian threats.
  • "Hollywood Ten"

    "Hollywood Ten"
    The Hollywood ten was a group of men who worked in the entertainment industry. They became popular after refusing to testify, even saying they "won't name names".
  • Marshall plan

    Marshall plan
    Marshall Plan was a proposal that said the United States should try to restore all economic despair created by WWII.
  • NATO formed

    NATO formed
    NATO stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization. NATO fights for a military alliance between 31 states.
  • Bay of pigs

    Bay of pigs
    The Bay of pigs was a military operation that failed on April 17th, 1961. It took place on the southwest coast of Cuba.
  • Berlin wall goes up

    Berlin wall goes up
    The Berlin wall went up in order to separate West Berlin from the German Democratic Republic, and ideologies that did not align with West Berlin.
  • US official enters Vietnam War

    US official enters Vietnam War
    US military had flown combat missions into Vietnam. They fought side by side with South Vietnamese soldiers.
  • Berlin wall comes down

    Berlin wall comes down
    The berlin wall was destroyed during the Peaceful Revolution. It marked a very important day for all of Germany.