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Justin Timeline

  • The day i was born

    I was born in buffalo,NY.I was 8 lb [ 3.ounces].
  • Period: to

    Justin's Timeline

  • The first time I spoke

    The first time I spoke was the1 day of January. My first words where Ma.
  • went to arizona

    it's so amazing. I even saw my Aunt.
  • first birth day

    it was my first birth day.Every body was claping.
  • awesomest day ever

    Do you know why it's the best day ever? Because it's my first Halloween and it's going to be awesome
  • I went to Myrtle Beach

    Myrtle Beach was awesome. I even went swimming.
  • first time playing football

    the football team I played for was the Northside Nights.They were nice.
  • Went to KennyWood

    Kennywood was the best. I rode the volcano.
  • graduated 4 grade

    When I graduated I was happy to go to the next grade. I saw most of my friends during the Summer.
  • during the Summer

    During the Summer I played with my friends. All my friends were playing football and baseball with me.