Justice for Jake

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  • Jake's showing at Ransom Funeral home

    Jake's showing at Ransom Funeral home
    Brittany told Eric M.-Evan was wanting to buy the gun from Jake that night. Reason being why Jake brought gun that night.
  • First set of reports

    Mike Limberios picked of the first set of Reports
  • Jake funeral

    Jake funeral
  • Capt. Meggit Quits case

    Capt. Meggit Quits case
    Capt. Meggit Quits Jacob Limberios Case.
  • The Family Started calling Sandusky County

    Mike Limberios (Jakes Father) tried calling Capt. Meggit
    No Answer
  • Calls again

    Calls again
    Mike Limberios called Capt. Meggit. No answer
    Mike Limberios calls Sherriffs office. Informed Meggit Jake was Right Handed.
  • Calls Meggit

    Mike Limberios calls Meggit from house where Jake was shot. Meggit informed Mike where Brit,Will,Evan were sitting at time of Jake shooting.
  • Wukie signed Death Cert.

    Wukie signed Death Cert.
    Dr. Wukie Signed Jake Death Cert. Labeling death a Suicide. Note Dr. Wukie NEVER came to scene & veiwed or Examed the situtation.Determination made over the phone.
  • Meggit ask for Polygraph

    Capt. Meggit asked Brit & Will to submit to Polygraph
  • Meeting with Capt. Meggit

    Meeting with Capt. Meggit
    Meeting set up with Meggit. Mike (Father),Shannon (Jake's Mother),Kayleigh (Jake's Girlfriend & Mother of his daughter) Michael ( Jake's Older Brother) & Chris (Friend) met. Retrieved Jake's belongings from Capt. Meggit. Meggit promised to have BCI retrieve bullet that was still in attic where shooting took place.
  • Sheriff Overmyer

    Sheriff Overmyer asked if Jacob was sent to Lucas County for Autopsy.
  • Meggit Reports- Dan McGookey

    Meggit Reports- Dan McGookey
    Mike Limberios Picked up Capt. Meggit report on Jake. The Limberios family first met with Attorney Dan Mc Gookey to seek legal advice about Jake case.
  • Audio & Written Statements

    Mike Limberios Picked up Audio & Written Statements
  • Dan McGookey gets Audio&Written Statements

    Dan McGookey get Audio & Written Statements
  • Meeting with Brittany Bowers

    Brittany Bowers (Kayleighs sister) Meets with Dan McGookey. Brittany states that Chris (friend of Jake) & Brady (Friend of Jake) BOTH have witnessed Jake put gun to his head before. Both Chris & Brady have DENY ever seeing this.
  • MCGookey meeting

    Shannon Limberios (Mother) Met with Dan McGookey
  • Selling the Gun

    Brady informs Mike Limberios about hearing Brittany's Story about Jake selling the gun to Evan.
  • Evan

    One of the 3 Witnesses hasn't been seen or heard from.
  • Polygraph

    Will- 1 of 3 wittnesses agress to take Polygraph
  • Will post on Facebook

    Will post on Facebook a quote from Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody ,"Mama,just killed a man,Put a gun aginist his head,pulled the trigger now he's dead"
  • Polygraphs given

    Polygraphs given
    Brittany & Will 2 wittnesses submit to a Polygraph.
  • Polygraph results

    Polygraph Results are in.
  • Contacting WItnesses

    Contacting WItnesses
    Mike Limberios tried Contacting 2 of the witnesses himself. Brittany & Evan could Not be reached.
  • Jake 1st Autopsy Stopped

    Jake 1st Autopsy Stopped
    Stopped Limberios family from having 1st autopsy done by Cyril Wecht. Had to have a court order.
  • Jake exhumed and off to autopsy in PA

    Jake exhumed and off to autopsy in PA
    Court papers in order. Jake was exhumed and transported to Cyril Wecht in Pennsylvania for the 1st. autospy. Key note here: The Limberios family had the expenses of this and at the advisement of a Ohio State Medical School.Sandusky County was Not wanting an autopsy done at this time.
  • Anixously awaiting results

    Anixously awaiting results
    The Limberios family waited to find out the autopsy report.
  • Autopsy results

    Autopsy results came back.
  • Bittany upset

    Brittany shows up at the Limberios house. Upset about Sandusky Register blogs. Informs Mike Limberios that the gun was moved at scence. That she yelled, " Put it (gun) down!"
  • Phone call

    Brittany calls Mike Limberios and claims she talked to boys and they don't remember that gun was moved. Claims it must of been a "dream"
  • Consolo Quits case/ Judge removes self

    Jim Consolo Quits the case. Calls this case a murder. Judge Anne removes herself from case as well. Calling it a conflict of interest. New judge appointed.
  • Meeting O'Connell & Zender

    Meeting O'Connell & Zender
    Mike & SHannon Limberios meets with Detective O'Connell & Detective Zender at Dan Mc Gookey office.
  • Will calls 1of 3 witnesses

    Will calls Mike Limberios and leaves message on voicemail stating Jake shot himself.
  • O'connell calls

    O'Connell calls Mike Limberios
  • O'Connell calls

    O'Connell calls
    O'Connell calls Mike Limberios and informs Mike that he turned gun over to BCI along with 6 shells. Matching castings to the gun.
  • Kayleigh hears

    Kayleigh is told by one of Jake's friend (Seth) that he heard someone was bragging that He killed Jake. This was not just heard once but numerous times from multi people.