Journey Through The Space Time Continuum

  • Period: to

    Loyola University Chicago

    Studied Economics and Finance at Loyola
  • Period: to

    Employed fulltime by Longhorn Steakhouse

    Worked full-time through college.
  • Became Certified Trainer

  • Period: to

    Employed full time by the Grand Lux Cafe

    Worked full time through college.
    *Still Employed
  • Award for Excellent Performance

  • Employee of the Month

    I was the employee of the month for a resturant with over 200 employees.
  • Period: to

    Founded Grecked

    I started a small online t-shirt company.
  • Became a Designated Trainer

  • Period: to

    Allstate Case Competition

    I will be participating in the Allstate Case Competition in January.