Journal Project

By priya21
  • PR activities

    Volunteers needed.
    Target facebook groups of student associations and other university related groups.
    Send emails to relevant professors and course coordinators
    Target university newsletters
    Put up a few posters and possibly do some lecture annoucements
  • Who can submit papers?

    Should we also accept submissions from students of other universities OR just UM students?
    °We should mainly target UM students and if students from other universities come across our message they are welcome to send their papers. This way we have from papers to choose from.
  • Need volunteers, know anyone?

  • Apply for ISSN

    Apply for two separate International Standard Serial Number. (For Print and for electronic Publication).
    Decide on the exact title of the Journal and its cover
  • Paper Deadline

  • Final paper selection by volunteers

  • Journal Publication

    Hopefully two months will be enough time for professors to check the papers.
  • Possible conference