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  • Journal #1

    I believe that teachers are like under paid doctors. Like doctors teachers need to stay up-to-date not only with the trend in education, but with the changes in society. As society changes, students interest change. We as teachers need to understand that by accepting a role as a public educator we are agreeing to constantly update our selves. If a doctor does not keep up with the trends in the medical field, they will become obsolete and no longer have the ability to heal people.
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    CSS 600

  • Journal #2

    I think it’s a shame that some people as educators can be so closed minded on how to assess students. People have been brought up thinking that testing is the only efficient way to assess someone’s progress. I truly believe the best way to assess someone is by looking over work they have done, or giving them projects based on the topic you want them to learn. Research and projects allows students to fully understand the topic. This would take longer to assess, but I think it would pay off.
  • Journal #3

    I think there is defiantly a gap in education. Both school districts and communities need to do more to provide opportunities for our students. Weather the student lives in poverty or not students are struggling more now than they ever have before. There is more pressure for our students to succeed and many more obstacles that they have to overcome.