Journal 26-Epilogue

  • French refugges travel from France to the US.

  • French arive in the US.

  • Period: to

    The fever the fever first hits Philadelphia. It was most likely spread by refugges from France.

  • The first person with fever falls in the US.

  • Period: to

    Prices for food skyrocket because it was risky to go into the city and farmers were getting sick.

  • This is the start of the epademic.

    here is when the epademic started
  • The epademic hits Philadelphia and lots of people are dying.

  • Free African Sociaty takes action.

  • People flee to the countryside.

  • The Fever spreads to other major cities.

  • Matilda's grandfather died from being beaten up by robbers.

  • Matilda cuts a robber in the arm with a sword when he attacked her grandfather.

  • Philadelphia gets turned into a hospital city.

  • Matilda finds her mom thrown in the street frail and in need of medical care.

  • Deaths caused by the fever goes up to 50 deaths per day.

  • Only 20000 of the 40000 people remain in Philadelphia.

  • John Hancock dies from yellow fever.

  • This is the end of the first epademic in the US.

  • People return to Philadelphia and the snow has washed away all traces of the fever.

  • Matilda's story ends here.

  • The first vaccination for the fever was made in 1937.