Joji's Albums

  • Chloe Burbank vol.1

    Chloe Burbank vol.1
    Chloe Burbank Vol. 1 was a potential album Joji worked on behind the scenes during his Filthy Frank days. While there is hardly any information about the album, he released two singles in 2015 that featured the same cover art.
    1. Thom
    2. You suck charlie
  • In tonges

    In tonges
    In Tongues is George Miller’s debut EP under the Joji pseudonym. Thematically, it’s all about sadness and heartbreak, topics exemplified by the artwork: Joji strangling and drowning. There was also a deluxe version released that contains 2 exclusive songs and a bunch of remixes of all songs in the EP.
    Standard Version:
    1.Will He
    2. Pills
    3. Demons
    4. Window
    5. Bitterfuck
    6. Worldstar money