Johnson Aziga

  • Infected with HIV

    Johnson Aziga was infected with HIV on December 31, 1996.
  • Arrested

    On August 30, 2003 Johnson Aziga was arrested for two degrees of first degree murder and 11 counts of aggravated sexual assaults.
  • Evidence to stand trial

    On November 15, 2005 Justice Norman Bennet of Hamiltion stated that there was enough acceptable evidence for Aziga to stand trial.
  • Trial was scheduled to begin.

    Johnson Aziga's trial was scheduled to begin on June 5, 2006.
  • First Heard in Court

    Johnson Aziga's case was first heard in court on September 29, 2008.
  • Trail Started

    Johnson Aziga's trail officially started and was estimated to last about 6 weeks.
  • Conviction

    Johnson Aziga was convicted of two counts of first degree murder, 10 counts of aggravated assault and one count of attempted aggravated sexual assault.