John.A Macdobnald

  • North America

    In 1820 John.A Macdonald had stepped onto north american land after being at sea for forty two days with a boat filled with other immigrants
  • The Beginning

    Johns family took over a mil in the west of kingston and decided to settle there. Howere the mill they took over was not succesful.Even though they were poor Johns mother was determined to give her son the best education possible so the family worked hard to gather money and eventually sent john to a boarding school in kingston.
  • John.A Macdonalds Education

    There wasnt enough money to send John to University. Instead at the age of 15 John started his career in a lawyers office.
  • Law Office

    Law Office
    John.A Macdonald opened a law office
  • Upper and Lower Canada

    Upper and Lower Canada
    Upper and Lower Canada were united in the province of Canada
  • Birth to John Mac Donald II

    John and his wife Isabella had their first baby John Mac donald II
  • Tragic Incident

    John Macdonald ll died today only growing to the age of 1 year.
  • Riots!

    Citizens of Toronto did not want the new Capital to be in Montreal because of the Riots that had happened in 1849.
  • Hugh.A Macdonald

    Jonhs second son Hugh John was born in 1850 but after being born Isabella became ill.
  • Death of Isabella

    Isabella died after being severly ill for 7 years
  • Elected for President

    Sir John A Macdonald was elected prime minister of the prorvince of Canada.
  • Same amount of seats

    Back in 1860 it was impossible to get any bills posted because both the government and the opposition had the same amount of seats in the Assembly
  • Population

    By 1861 the population of Canada West was greater than the population of Canada East
  • Constructing The Parliament

    Work began on the Parliment building high on the cliffs overlooking the Ottawa river.
  • Meeting in Parliament

    The assembly met at the pariliament buildings for the first time after it had been built.