John Turner's Accomplishments

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  • John Turner - Liberal

  • Period: to

    Registrar General of Canada

    John Turner as the Registrar General.
  • Period: to

    Solicitor General of Canada

    John Turner's post as a solicitor general.
  • Period: to

    Ottawa--Carleton, Ontario

    John Turner in he House of Commons as a Liberal. - Elected
  • Period: to

    Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada

    John Turner as a Minister.
  • Period: to

    Minister of Finance

    1972.01.28 - 1975.09.09
  • Period: to

    Prime Minister of Canada

    John Turner became the prime minister of Canada.
  • Period: to

    Vancouver Quadra, British Columbia

    In the House Of Commons - Elected.
  • Leader of Liberal Party

  • Period: to

    Leader of the Official Opposition

  • Finished roled of being a leader of the Liberal Party.