John Dewey 1859- 1952. American philosopher, psychologist, and educational reformer

  • John Dewey Birth

  • Joined University Of Chicago

    Rational Empiricism was developed. Dewey developed a theory that modified the early idea of pragmatism. His thought process was based on reality being determine by past experience. Humans adapt their past experiences of things to perform experiments upon and set the pragmatic value of such experience.
  • President of the American Psychological Association

    Served for one year. He was a believer in PBL- problem based learning. This is still widely used today. It says the the student is the center not the information Its solving an open-ended problem found in the material. Helps to to think outside the box.
  • "Experience and Nature"

    One of Dewey's most influential contribution to education and philosophy was the publication of "Experience and Nature" He dives into the idea behind Traditional and Progressive education. He pushed for a reform that looked at the way we were teaching students, and asking for thinking outside of the box. To test theories, and enhance the new generations of thinkers.
  • Advocate for academic freedom

    John Dewey worked with Albert Einstein and Alvin Johnson, forming the International League for Academic Freedom. He believed that a women had a place in science, and in educational freedom, One of the first to advocate in this this regard.
  • John Dewey Death