John Dewey - 20 OCT 1859 to 1 JUN 1952

  • University of Chicago Laboratory Schools

    In 1894 Dewey attended the University of Chicago where he established his belief in Rational Empiricism. During his time at the University of Chicago, he also wrote a lot of papers and used the labs to validate his research on pedagogical beliefs. With the university against his studies, he ended up leaving and moving to the East Coast.
  • The Reflex Arc Concept in Psychology (1896)

    Dewey made a paper arguing that neural circuitry, which is neurons connected by synapses, are being misinterpreted by behaviorist psychology. He said that Physiology was taking all aspects into consideration, but Psychology was identifying stimulus and response as two different things.
  • The Subject-Matter of Metaphysical Inquiry (1915)

    In this piece, Dewey spoke about metaphysics, and the natural approach of how knowledge came from adaptation in an environment. He also explained that the answers to the questions about metaphysics went deeper than what science can do.
  • Art as Experience (1934)

    Art as Experience was one of Dewey's biggest accomplishments. This piece of writing was about aesthetics. Aesthetics is the study of the nature and appreciation of art. He mainly wanted us to understand not just the physical aspect, but the entirety of art, what makes up art, and how we see and interpret it.