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john deere

  • birth of John Deere

    birth of John Deere
    in rutland, vermont
  • the first steel plow

    the first steel plow
    The large plows made for cutting the tough prairie ground were called "grasshopper plows."
  • reason for the steel plow

    Wood plows couldn't plow the rich soil of the Middle-West without breaking. John Deere thought about it and was convinced that only a plow with mould board, made of good steel that isn't rusted would solve this problem.
  • john deere company

    john deere company
    John Deere's factory was selling over 10,000 steel plows a year. he became a millionare.
  • death of John Deere

    death of John Deere
    at the age of 82 in moline, lllinois
  • the impact of the steel plow

    The steel plow was the first step to making farm equipment that we know today.
  • the improvment in 1900's

    the improvment in 1900's
    it was faster now that they were trackers to pull the steel plows on the ground
  • steel plow today

    steel plow today
    the steel plow now had turn into a big known company John Deere and it sells trackers and farming tools.