John Deere

By joker21
  • The Beginning

    John Deere invented the first steel plow. After time, he made many more. He made this very first plow in Grand Detour, Illinois.
  • Period: to

    Growing in Business

    The company added retailing to their business in 1842. John Deere found a business partner namedLeonard Andrus in 1843. Through 1843 to 1848, John deere had a great amount of change. The company started spreading to other parts of Illinois such as Moline. They built a 3 story blacksmiths shop in July.
  • Growing in business

    By this time, John Deere had already found a business partner and was ready to start his business. His business was slowly spreading but it was spreading around Illinois. He built a 3 story blacksmiths shop in Moline, Illinois on July of that year.
  • Tough Times

    Throughout the years, the company had much success but in 1853 John Deere's son Charles joined the compnay. In 1858, the company was going through financial problems so John remained president but Charles ran the business for the next 49 years.
  • Getting Higher Up

    More than 50,000 plows are sold. Giplin Moore invented the Giplin Sulky Plow.
  • Shrinking Business

    Business starts to slow down and the company starts selling less tractors.
  • The Great Depression

    The Great Depression came along and slowed the company down. Sales plunge to 8.7 million dollars. Even though money was getting tight, they decided to carry debtor farmers as long as necessary.