Joan's Technology timeline

  • Chalk board

    Chalk board
    Kindergarten! My teacher used chalk boards. We even had our own little hand held chalkboard with lines to write on.
  • boom box

    boom box
    My family went from having a large piece of furninture containing a record player, a tape player, and large speakers to purchasing a boom box - which was not a large piece of furniture but a small electronic device.
  • typewriter

    entered Jr. High with high expectations from the teachers to TYPE out my homework. So much better than hand writing.
  • typewriter, version 2

    typewriter, version 2
    My family moved up in the world. We bought a typewriter that not only fixed your mistakes with white out, but was "computerized" and knew when to move to a new line all by itself.
  • Apple - the Dos years

    Apple - the Dos years
    We were required to take computers during my senior year of high school. This was new and amazing. A black screen with white letters.
  • Home Computer

    Home Computer
    A month after I got married, we bought our own computer.
  • palm pilot

    palm pilot
    this was a fantastic invention... a ocmputerized calendar, phone book, note book, etc..
  • Ipod generation 1, or psosibly 2

    Ipod generation 1, or psosibly 2
    We joined the electronic world with our first Ipod - it was small, fat, and white - and held almost all our cd's
  • cell world

    cell world
    bought my first cell phone - a flip phone. I was in cell heaven.
  • CD player

    CD player
    bought my first car that had a CD player included.
  • laptop

    We bought a MAC laptop. Loved it!
  • Iphone

    My first Iphone. I'm in heaven. Almost everything I need at the touch of my finger.