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Joanne Stucky

  • Period: to


    During these years in her childhood, she said she remembers that wall telephones and radios were big deals but doesn't remember much else.
  • Mr. Stucky's Birth

    Mr. Stucky's Birth
    James Stucky, Joanne's husband, was born on a farm
  • Joanne's Birth

    Joanne's Birth
    Joanne Elaine Flickner was born on October 18th in 1942 in Grace Hospital to a Elmer and Hulda Flickner, a Mennonite family, who lived on a small farm near Pretty Prairie.
  • Allergies - 3 years old

    Allergies - 3 years old
    Story on Youtube: (Video only available with the link)
  • Period: to

    1950's Technology

    During the 1950's, one of the new technologies she remembers are getting her first balck and white TV. She also remembers having her first automatic washing machine during college.
  • 2nd Grade Jim

    2nd Grade Jim
    Joanne met Jim in the second grade as they went to school and church together.
  • Korean War

    Korean War
    She remembers the Korean war being strange and scary.
  • Barn Burns Down

    Barn Burns Down
    In the second grade, she remembers having a little blue scooter and putting it in her barn on the farm where she lived. She remembers going back to get it and the barn had burned down.
    Not her picture, just a barn around the same time
    I don't know exact date
  • President Eisenhower

    President Eisenhower
    The first president she remembers is Dwight D. Eisenhower.
  • Running Water

    Running Water
    In the 7th grade, she had running water in her house for the first time.
  • Baptized

    I don't know exact date of batizism or picture
    At the age of 14 Joanne and Jim were batized in her Mennonite church.
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    Cuban Missile Crisis
    She says she remembers hearing about it on the news.
  • Engagement

    Jim and Joanne got engaged on Joanne's 20th birthday after being highschool sweethearts.
  • Father Passes Away

    Father Passes Away
    Not sure of exact date
    Elmer R, Flickner passed away the day her wedding invites were sent out. He was there when her wedding pictures were taken, therefore they mean a lot to her. When asked if she wanted someone else to walk her up the aisle at her wedding, she said she could do it by herself.
  • Jim and Joanne Marriage

    Jim and Joanne Marriage
    Joanne Flickner became Joanne Stucky. Her and Jim got married at the First Mennonite Church in Pretty Prarie, KS.
  • Kennedy's Assassination

    Kennedy's Assassination
    Joanne remembers hearing about this while working at Heston corporation in accounting and being devastated.
  • Birth of Tisha Dawn Stucky

    Birth of Tisha Dawn Stucky
    Her daughter Tisha was born to her and her husband Jim in Kingman, KS.
  • Daddy - Daughter Picture

    Daddy - Daughter Picture
    This is a picture of Jim playing with his daughter Tisha,
  • First Pet

    First Pet
    The family's first pet, was a white fluffy dog named Mickey.
  • Man to the Moon

    Man to the Moon
    She remembers just looking up at the sky at night with her family and thinking "There's really somebody up there."
  • Chris Adopted

    Chris Adopted
    Jim and Joanne adopted a boy named Chris at 10 days old. His birthday is April 16th.
  • Home Business - Favorite Memory

    Home Business - Favorite Memory
    Not sure on the exact date
    In 1971, Joanne and her husband Jim had a home business from 1971 selling nutritional safe cleaning products and skin products. Because of this, she got to do lots of traveling and went to Hawaii twice, Vienna, Florida, California, Canada, Washington State, and San Antonio.
  • Family Photo

    Family Photo
    Not sure of exact date
    Picture of the Stucky's.
  • Foreign Exchange Student

    Foreign Exchange Student
    Story on Youtube: (Video only available with the link)
  • Family Picture 1978-79ish

    Family Picture 1978-79ish
  • Chris's Football In Highschool

    Chris's Football In Highschool
    From 1979 - 1983 Chris played highschool football for Salina High School South.
  • Family Picure 1981

    Family Picure 1981
  • Tisha's Highschool Graduation

    Tisha's Highschool Graduation
    Tisha Stucky gradated from highscool at Salina South High.
  • Challenger Explosion

    Challenger Explosion
  • Commercial

    Jim and Joanne were featured in a banking commercial in 1986 with them on a motrocycle.
  • Chris's Confirmation Party

    Chris's Confirmation Party
    Chris had his confirmation part at Trinity United Methodist Church in the May of 1987.
  • Tisha's College Graduation

    Tisha's College Graduation
    Tisha Stucky graduated from Kansas University in the May of 1987.
  • 25th Wedding Anniversary

    25th Wedding Anniversary
  • Chris's Highschool Graduation

    Chris's Highschool Graduation
    Chris graduated highschool from Salina South High School in 1989.
  • Period: to


    She remembers new technology being cell phones. They started out really big and she remembers being excited when they worked so well.
  • Tisha's Marriage

    Tisha's Marriage
    Joanne's daughter got married in 1990 to Brad Beckman in Salina Kansas.
  • Desert Storm War

    Desert Storm War
    She remembers the Desert Storm War and it being strange because she was able to watch it on TV.
  • Chris's College Football

    Chris's College Football
    Don't have exact date
    Chris attended Kansas Weslyan and played football there for two years. They enjoyed going and watching his games.
  • 50th Birthday Party

    50th Birthday Party
    When Joanne turned 50, she had a birthday party with her family and friends.
  • First Grandchild Born

    First Grandchild Born
    Elizabeth was born to Tisha and her husband Brad in 1993. She's almost 22 now.
  • Mom's Marriage

    Mom's Marriage
    Youtube Story: (Video only available with link)
  • 9/11

    She remembers the falling of the twin towers on 9/11. She was at home getting ready for church when she heard about it.
  • A Lasting Legacy

    A Lasting Legacy
    Around 2013, she wrote a book about her ancestry. She found that her grandmother had traveled here from Poland in 1913 and much more interesting history.
  • Meeting Her - Present

    Meeting Her - Present
    I met Joanne Stucky last week to do this project with her. She now lives here in Salina and attends First Covenant Church. She loves to listen to music and be with her family (including her 8 grand children) and friends, her best friend being Judy (also in the picture). She also loves to scrapbook, cook, and listen to music. It was lovely getting to know about her life, and getting to know her as well. :)