Jim Thorpe

  • Born

    Was born Near Prague,Oklahama
  • Period: to

    Jim Thorpe

    He was a great athlethe
  • Boarding school

    Went to Carlisle and kept running away
  • Charlie died

    Jims brother died of pneumonia
  • Moves to diffrent boarding school

    moves becuase father dies of desease
  • Mom dies

    His mother dies of desease and Jim runs away
  • Father dies

    Died from Gangrene
  • Got Back

    gets back to Carlisle
  • got rich

    in 1909 and 1910, receiving meager pay; reportedly as little as $2 ($47 today) a game and as much as $35 ($822 today) a week.College players, in fact, regularly spent summers playing professionally, but most used aliases, unlike Thorpe.
  • got attention

    Thorpe gained nationwide attention for the first time in 1911.
  • Competed in Baseball,football

    He also competed in football, baseball, lacrosse and even ballroom dancing, winning the 1912 inter-collegiate ballroom dancing championship.
  • Got a record

    XCarlisle team made a record of 27-6 and he won
  • won a ballroom dancing contest

    inter-collegiate ballroom dancing championship.
  • something changed

    For the 1912 Summer Olympics in Stockholm, Sweden, two new multi-event disciplines were included, the pentathlon and the decathlon. A pentathlon based on the ancient Greek event had been organized at the 1906 Summer Olympics. The 1912 version consisted of the long jump, the javelin throw, 200-meter dash, the discus throw and the 1500-meter run.
  • Maries

    Iva Miller, Had four children: Jim Jr. (who died at age 2), Gale, Charlotte and Grace
  • got paid for Olympic Games

    In 1913, strict rules regarding amateurism were in effect for athletes participating in the Olympics. Athletes who received money prizes for competitions, were sports teachers, or had competed previously against professionals, were not considered amateurs and were barred from competition.
  • got catched

    In late January 1913, U.S. newspapers published stories announcing that Thorpe had played professional baseball. It is not entirely certain which newspaper first published the story
  • winning Olympic Games

    After his victories at the Olympic Games in Sweden, on September 2, 1912, Thorpe returned to Celtic Park, the home of the Irish American Athletic Club, in Queens, New York (where he had qualified four months earlier for the Olympic Games), to compete in the Amateur Athletic Union's All-Around Championship. Competing against Bruno Brodd of the Irish American Athletic Club, and J. Bredemus of Princeton University, he won seven of the ten events contested, and came in second in the remaining three.
  • retires

    Thorpe never played for an NFL championship team. He retired from professional football at age 41,[6] having played 52 NFL games for six teams from 1920 to 1928.Retired because he did not want to play anymore
  • The teams worst lost

    the team lost 28-6
  • dies

    died of third heart failure