Jessie j

By Group14
  • Costume 1.

    Costume 1.
    Here is the first outfit we see Jessie wearing in the fist location. Jessie is in this costume for 13 seconds.
  • Costume 2.

    Costume 2.
    This is the second costume and location we see the artist in. However, this scene is cut back to very frequently between the other base tracks for a split second each time.
  • Costume 3.

    Costume 3.
    Jessie is in this costume and location for 40 seconds (the whole time we are cut back to costume 2 frequently)
  • Costume 4.

    Costume 4.
    The artist is in this outfit for 30 seconds, however during this time the shot is quickly cut back and forth from the different locations and settings we have already seen. Throughout these 30 seconds this is the scene we are shown for the majority of the time.
  • Costume 5.

    Costume 5.
    She is in this outfit for for 10 seconds before being cut back to different scenes rapidly during the chorus,
  • Costume 6.

    Costume 6.
    The artist is in this outfit and location for a long 1 minute and 10 seconds. (still cutting back to other base tracks on the beat)