Jeremy Lin's journey

  • Gold Rush Fail

    I moved to America hoping to get some gold, although there was none so I have no money concidering I used it all for supplys. Since my prior profession was teaching, I decided to go into that feild again. So I learned English for a year and then moved to Chicago as a school teacher.
  • Lewis Hine

    As I started teaching again, Lewis Hine, who is in the room next to me helps me get used to it there. Hine has very strong feelings about child labor which I never thought about before.
  • Helping Hine

    I have decided im going to help Hine in his child labor movement! I have learned so much about this thanks to him and I also want to stop it. So many children struggle through this and it is just not right.
  • Racial Discrimmination

    While documenting child labor with Hine, some of the places we would go into would only let Lewis in and not me to help him. They are extremely prejudice and rude. I am still a person.
  • Death

    This is Lewis Hine telling the story about how my good friend Jeremy died. Lin died of Tuberculosis and it was a sad day for all of us. I just want to acknowledge his hard work and determination. He was a very good man and I am honored to work with him.