Jemarique Sharpe

Timeline created by sharpe
  • Great Great Grandparents Jethro Butcher and R. Unice

    Originated from Detroit, Michigan
  • Great Grandparents

    Moses Butcher and Mildred
    Have four children: Mike, Jethro, Felicha Ann, Moses Jr.
  • Grandpa Sharpe

    Fought in the Vietnam War
  • Period: to

    Grandparents Married

    Jimmy Sharpe SR. and Janice Washington
  • Moses Butcher (Great Grandfather)

    Won AA1 Championship at Calhun High School in 1985
  • Jemarique Moses Sanders Sharpe III

    Jemarique  Moses Sanders Sharpe III
    Born at Paradise Valley Hospital at 6:12 PM
    parents: Brandy Sharpe and Jimmy Sharpe
  • Park with sister

    Park with sister
    Swing Time!!
  • Age 2

    Age 2
    Football Time!
  • Age 3

    Age 3
    First Family Portrait
    Uncle Alex, Aunt Beth, Mommy, Uncle Cory, Sister, Grandmather, Papa John, Jet, and Me
  • Age 4

    Age 4
    Learned how to swim
  • Age 5

    Age 5
    Started playing league basketball
  • Age 6

    Age 6
    Learned how to ride a bike
  • Age 7

    Age 7
    Family vacation to Disneyland
  • Age 8

    Age 8
    Started my first basketball club team "Monsoon"
  • Age 9

    Age 9
    My mom and stepdad marry
  • Age 10

    Age 10
    First trip to New York, My first broadway show "RENT"
  • Age 10 to current

    Age 10 to current
    Sarted playing with Team Bibby as a shooting guard
  • Age 11

    Age 11
    Won multiple basketball tournaments in Las Vegas, California, and Arizona
  • Age 12

    Age 12
    Finally started middle school, Sunrise Middle School