Jazzy wazzy

  • Where jazz began

    Where jazz began
    It began in New Orleans in the first decade of first twenty century. Then jazz moved west east and north in Chicago
  • what freedom is banned

    what freedom is banned
    In 1919 the 18th amendement was banned.This stoped the manufacture of liquors
  • why where the 1920 called the roring twenty

    Because of the danceing the dressing and the new style the rejected all tradictional morals
  • Period: to

    What kind of people did jazz originate

    it began with the African American but expanded over time to the middle class white American
  • charlie parker

    Charlie parker is among the world’s best jazz musician, without him Jazz music would not have been where it is today. He was born on 29th august 1920 in the city of Kansas; he was an American composer and Saxophonist. He contributed a great deal in bebop and introduces many other techniques in Jazz. He is also very famous for composing music by combining jazz with other genre of music such as classical. He dies on drug on 12th march 1955. He was given Grammy life time achievement award in 1984;
  • The two revolutions that are going on

    one of the revolutions in the jazz period where the music. And the other was the new women(flappers)
  • What type of people did jazz influence

    it influenced the youth in the 1920 to rebel against the traditional culture of previous generations it when in hand in hand with bold fashion statement
  • what is the phonograph

    what is the phonograph
    The phonograph was a more revoltionary impact then the radio.The phonograph grew together nations by bringing news,entertanement and advertiesment
  • what women did during the jazz period

    in August 18 1920 women began to make and and entrance of the flappers. They began to make a big statement in the jazz age
  • what happend to the economy in 1920-1929

    most peaple moved to the country and we experience great wealth
  • The automoblie

    The first automobile was made in the 1920's it was a Ford modelT. It only cost 260 dollars,it was helpful to people who couldnt afford bettter cars
  • duke ellington

    Duke Ellington, born Edward Kennedy in 29th April 1899 was an American pianist and composer. He led his own orchestra and was the leader. His career in Jazz music spanned for nearly 50 years, from 1914 till death parted him from Jazz. He has a very important position when it comes to Jazz, he wrote more than 1,000 compositions in his life time. He dies on 24th may 1974, his respect got multiplied after his death and he is still remembered as one of the most extraordinary Jazz musician
  • The three changes in the jazz age

    The three changes were the music,the dramatic social, and political changes
  • where most people alike

    Yes they where they listen to the same music,dances and they used slang
  • what are two things that sent america into the modern age

    refrigeration and penicilin
  • jazz instruments

    many people used the trumpet, drums, saxophone, piano,trumbone, clarinet, double bass, and a singer
  • radios during jazz age

    radios during jazz age
    radios were used in homes to listen to jazz music. this was one of tghe major ways that jazz was spread.
  • How jazz was spread

    it was i courage by a large scale radio broadcast in 1932. Also by dance halls and ball rooms