Jasmine Cook Devolution

  • British Empire

    British Empire
    The Brithish Empire was an economic type, it is what created the U.S.A. The British Empire and the U.S.A became trading partners.
  • Yugoslavia

    The original country of Yugoslavia was a political and economic type. It created the countries Serbia, Bosnia, Medonia, Slovenia, Croatian and Montenegro. History says that went on strike.
  • Canada

    Canada is an original country and is a cultural type. Canada did not create any countries. Canada gained autonomy and is a french and catholic majority.
  • Great Britain

    Great Britain
    Great Britain is a cultral type, who created Ireland. Ireland was created for political reasons, and Ireland also gained an autonomy.
  • UK

    The UK is an original country and has an economic type. The UK did not creat any countries. The UK gained an auntonomy.