Genetic discoveries

  • Gregor Mendel

    Mendel was inspired to experiment on garden peas
  • Conclusions

    three plant scientists worked separately reached the same conclusions as Mendel
  • Levene's discovery

    December 1909 - Levene discovered ribose in DNA
  • Levene's hypothesis

    • Levene hypothesized that DNA was made up of equal parts guanine thymine cytosine and adenine. His hypothesis was incorrect.
  • Fredrick Griffith

    In the year 1928 a scientist, Fredrick Griffith, conducted experiments regarding inheritence by giving mice different mixtures of the pneumonia viruses. He discovered DNA as the genetic material in a cell
    January 1929 - Levene discovered deoxyribose in DNA
  • pneumonia virus

    carbohydrates, proteins and lipids in cells and found the DNA of the pneumonia virus