jamming through the decades

  • elvis

    In the 50s there were many popular artist and popular types of music. For example there were music that was called dance hall music. Elvis Presley was one of the artist that was well known in the fifties. He had a lot to do with the dance hall trend, he produced the song called all Shook Up. He was know for many songs and for his dance moves. Another great music artist was Bill Haley. He also had a popular hit song called Rock Around The Clock this song was recognized for many years,
  • beatles

    In the 60s there was the introduction of the Beatles with their hit she loves you and please please me. Also the Dave Clark five with glad all over. These were two very good bands along with the rolling stones they had the famous song honky tonk women. The number one band in the 60s was the beetles, with revolver and Abby road. The sixties wasn’t the high point of music the only big music deal was the beetles at that time. In this time war had an influence on music because the soldie
  • bob marley

    bob marley
    The best of the 70s was Bob Marley with his introducing hit single "jamming", also with Amie Stewart "knock on wood", Karl wonder with "kung fu fighting", led zeppelin stairway to heaven, eagles hotel California, and stevie wonder with superstition . These were the best artist of the seventies because of the impact on society these songs had. In this time it was at the high point of discos and Groovy music. Also this was the year of peace because of the war out in Vietnam so most of t
  • areosmith

    1980s In the 80s there was a lot more rock n roll bands like Guns and Roses with “Sweet Child O Mine“, Bon Jovi; with Living on a Prayer, Michael Jackson; Billie Jean, Duran Duran “Hungry Like the Wolf“, Journey “Don’t Stop Believing“, and Van Halen These are legends of the rock and roll culture, these bands created there own style of rock and roll and did amazing jobs. All of these singers songs had an impact on society and the world. In this time there was the cold war and the
  • mc hammer

    mc hammer
    1990s In the 90s there was MC Hammer with “you cant touch this“, also in the 90s it was the beginning of the rapping decade with Eminem (Marshall Mather) with “my name is” and Dr. dre and feat snoopy snoop dog with nothing but a G thang. In the 90s the rock and roll died down for a little while because rap was being introduced. But some new rock songs came out like U2 with “one”. There were no wars going on in the 90s it was a year of peace.
  • mac miller

    mac miller
    In the 2000s it was a multi cultural year because you rap hits, country hits, alternative hits, and rock hits. 2000 was the year of the music because you had eminem, lil wayne, drake, and mac miller. Some songs of them were mac miller Kool-Aid and with frozen pizza, drake “over”, eminem with 25 to life , and lil wayne with how to love these were great rappers that took over the music culture an they mae a uge impact on people all over the world.