Jamming Through a Decade

  • Billy Haley

    Billy Haley
    Billy Haley was also a very popular artist in this decade. One of his popular songs is “Rock Around the Clock”. He was a popular musician and was known as the most popular member in his group,"Billy Haley and the Comets". His songs were among the top 20 songs in the decade.
  • Elvis Presely

    Elvis Presely
    Elvis Presley was considered the king of rock ‘n’ roll. He was a great composer, and was one of the most popular artists of that decade, and was successful in every kind of music he performs such as gospel, country, and R&B. Some of his songs were “Jailhouse Rock”, “Hound Dog”, and “Can’t Help Falling in Love” These were the songs that dominated the charts.
  • Frank Sinatra

    Frank Sinatra
    Another popular artist was Frank Sinatra. Two of his popular songs were Summer Wind, and Night and Day. He was also a popular one but not as popular as the Beatles. There were no wars. Heavy metal was introduced in this decade.
  • The Beatles

    The Beatles
    In the 60’s a new band swept the country called The Beatles. The members of the group are John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr.Some of their hit songs are Please, Please, Please, I Want to Hold Your Hand, and She Loves Me.Everyone wanted to hear them. They sold out every concert they preformed, and they were very popular back then and still are today.
  • Led Zepplin

    Led Zepplin
    In the 1970's a band called Led Zeppelin was named the second best music band in the 1970's. Jimmy Page started the band in 1968 after leaving his first band, The Yardbirds. The four members of the band are Jimmy Page, the guitarist, Robert Plant, the singer, John Paul Jones, the bass player, and John Bonham, the drummer. It’s believed to say that John Paul Jones was said to be the best player in the group, but didn't get the credit he deserved Some of their hit songs are “When the Levee Breaks"
  • AC/DC

    Another popular music band or artist is AC/ DC. AC/ DC are the number one selling hard rock and heavy metal band ever. They sold more than 150 million albums worldwide. That’s more than Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Rolling Stones, and Metallica. In the U.S alone they sold 68 million albums, placing them as the 10th best selling band. Some of their hit singles are "Highway to Hell", and "Black in Back". Some music in this decade were funk, disco, art rock, progressive rock, hard rock, glam rock,punk.
  • Micheal Jackson

    Micheal Jackson
    In 1980's a new singer was a hit. His name was Michael Jackson. He was a member of the Jackson 5, but he decided to form a group of his own. He is considered the King of Pop for his inspiration ,and his talented works of art. Some of his songs are Beat it, Thriller and Girl be Mine. He died in 2009, and many people mourned his loss.
  • Madonna

    Another popular musical artist is Madonna. She is one of the most powerful women on Earth. She has sold 300 million albums and some of her songs are Papa don’t Preach, Music, Hung Up, and Like a Prayer. These are some of her songs that were on the number one spots on the charts. In this decade there were no wars but the U.S helped Iran defend itself against Ira
  • Tupac

    In the 1990's an artist called Tupac emerged. He was a rapper, and is considered the best rapper ever. His lyrics were good, and said words fast and in a beat that rhymed. He rapped for the East, and some of his hit songs were I Wonder If Heaven Has A Ghetto, California Love, and Lord Knows. His rival was Biggie which represented the rapper of the West.
  • Beastie Boys

    Beastie Boys
    Another talented musical group was the Beastie Boys. They are a group trio from New York City. There band consists of Michael Diamond, the drummer, Adam Yauch, who plays the bass, and Adam Horwitwaz, who plays the guitar. Some of their hit songs are, The New Style, Professor Booty and, The Move. There was only one war and it was the Gulf War.
  • Likin Park

    Likin Park
    Another artist that made the charts in this decade is Linkin Park. He sings well, and has many good selling albums. He is not popular but his music is catchy, and fans love it. Some of his songs are Numb, In the End, and his album Hybrid Theory. There were multiple terrorist attacks like 9-11, and the plane bombings.
  • Eminem

    In 2000's a new rapper was introduced. He is Eminem. His real name is Marshall Mathers. He is very popular now-a-days. Eminem is well-known for his outstanding melodies, insane beats, and crazy lyrics. Some of his songs are Till I Collapse, Slim Shady, and Not Afraid.
  • Drake

    In the 2010's the were many good singers, but one of my favorites are Drake. Since the decade didn't end the possibilities of hit songs coming up are endless. Is part of a musical Group called Young Money. He is a talented person, and has hit songs like Forever, Best I Ever Had, and Over.
  • lil wayne

    lil wayne
    Another good rapper is Lil' Wayne. Some of his songs are good like How to Love. He is a talented rapper, and lots of people love to hear his voice. He is very talented. This is the year when U.S came back from Iraq.