Jamestown Timeline

  • Jamestown was Founded

    Jamestown was Founded
    The London Company founded Jamestown.
  • Exploring

    Exploring patries sail up the James river.
  • Bad Winter.

    Bad Winter.
    Over half of the colonist died, most from disease. The Colonists are unprepared for the winter months.
  • Ships Dock

    Ships Dock
    Two english ships docked at Jamestown harbor.
  • Starving Time

    Starving Time
    The population went from 300 to 90 in the winter of 1610. The Powhatan refuse to trade corn, they lay siege to Jamestown and many of the Colonists starve or die of disease.
  • Tobacco

    John Rolfe sent his first shipful of tobacco to Engeland.
  • New Govenor

    New Govenor
    George Veardly takes control of Virginia.
  • Plymouth

    Pilgrims landed at Plymouth.
  • New Govenor

    New Govenor
    Sir Francis Wyatt took control of Virginia when Governor Veadly's term was expired.
  • Raid

    Indians attacked the settlers in Virginia. The Powhatan kill one third of the Virginia Colonists. This violence will cause King James to revoke the Virginia Charter.
  • New King

    New King
    King James died and his son, Charles the 1st took over.
  • Period: to

    New people

    Lots of indentured servents go in to virginia