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Jamestown Timeline

  • Period: to

    jamestown timeline

  • Discovering of Virginia

    Discovering of Virginia
    the three ships sighted the land as virginia
  • Getting Elected

    Getting Elected
    smith was elected president of the verginia council.
  • The Fleet

    The Fleet
    a fleet with more than 300 new settlers arrived in verginia.
  • Summer

    dela warr set about to rebuild the colony.
  • Abandond

    Gates decided to abandon all the settlers at jamestown and return to england.
  • Dead

    Cheif powahaten died.
  • Establishing

    The Pilgrims landed at Plymouth to establish a colony in “Northern
  • Arrived

    Approximately 90 women arrived in Virginia to supplement those
    already in the colony, and to serve as wives for the planters.
  • Little Success

    Little Success
    The settlers, hoping to produce silk, planted mulberry trees to feed silkworms. They had little success.
  • Powhatan Indians in an Uprising,

    Powhatan Indians in an Uprising,
    Opechancanough led the Powhatan Indians in an uprising, killing about
    one-third of the 1200 colonists in Virginia. Jamestown was warned and was not attacked, but survivors flocked to its fortification. Many outlying settlements were abandoned, and much sickness followed the uprising.
  • Kings Privy Council

    Kings Privy Council
    The King’s Privy Council set up a commission to investigate the Virginia Company and conditions in Virginia.
  • Virginia became a Royal Colony.

    Virginia became a Royal Colony.
    Virginia became a royal colony. The Virginia Company was forced to yield its control to royal authority. King James I retained Governor Wyatt as the first royal governor.
  • The Cenuses

    The Cenuses
    A muster or census ordered by the Crown was taken, showing a total population of 1232 settlers and including numbers of weapons,Livestock, grain,