• Captain Bartholomew Gilbert sent on voyage to Chesapeake Bay

    Gilbert and 4 other explorers went on the Eastern Shore and were killed by Indians
  • Fleet leaves

    A fleet, or group of ships, leaves London heading towards the Chesapeake Bay, or Jamestown area
  • Ships arrive at Cape Comfort

    Ships arrive at Cape Comfort with the original group of 104 all male settlers. They are welcomed by the natives.
  • A group of settlers spend 6 days exploring the James River

    Christopher Newport, John Smith, George Percy, and Gabriel Archer spend 6 days exploring the James River up to the falls and Powhatan's village
  • Indians attack

    200 armed Indians attacj Jamestow, killink 1 and wounding 11 people
  • Newport sails for England

    Christopher Newport leaves for England for the first time to get supplies and more settlers
  • Newport returns

    Christopher Newport returns to Jamestown with the "First Supply" and 100 new settlers. When he gets to Jamestown he finds only 38 surviving original settlers.
  • Fire

    A terrible fire destroys all of the houses in their fort
  • Newport leaves for second trip to England

    Christopher Newport sailed to England for the second time to get more supplies and more new settlers
  • Jamestown had to be rebuilt

    Jamestown was rebuilt from the terrible fires earlier this year. They had forts that 14-15 feet tall, and 3 Bulwarkes (watch forts) at each of the triangle corners of their fort.
  • Newport arrives back at Jamestown

    Christopher Newport arrived with the "Second Supply" which included 2 women and 8 Dutchmen or Poles. These were the first settlers who were not males from England. These are the last supplies they receive from England until May 1610.
  • Newport returns to England again

    At the end of 1608 Christopher Newport returned to England again to bring them different spices and herbs.
  • Sea Venture ships arrive at jamestown

    7 ships arrive at Jamestown. These ships are called "Sea Venture" which were shipwrecked at Bermuda. They brough 200-300 men, women, and children to Jamestown.
  • Other survivors from Sea Venture arrive at Jamestown

    A group of survivors, including Gates, John Rolfe, and Ralph Hamor, from the Sea Venture shipwreck in Bermuda arrive at Jamestown. They find 60 survivors from the "Starving TIme"
  • Gates abandons Jamestown

    Gates, who was the governor of Jamestown, decides to abandon Jamestown and go back to England.
  • New Governor!

    Thomas West-Lord De La Warr becomes the new governor of Jamestown!
  • The fort of Jamestown was rofficially ebuilt

    The new, rebuilt fort was in the form of a triangle. The south side, closest to the river, was 140 yards (420 feet), the other 2 side were 100 yards (300 feet) each. At each of the corners of the triangle there was a Bulwarke, or watch tower. Inside the fort was a market place, a storehouse, a "corpse de guard" (military base), a chapel, and rows of houses.
  • John Rolfe importse tobacco seeds

    At some point in 1611, John Rolfe imported, or brought to Jamestown, the first tobacco seeds. These came from Trinidad.
  • First crop export of tobacco

    At some point in 1612, John Rolfe exported, or sent to another country, the first crop of tobacco grown in Jamestown.
  • First shipment of tobacco is made to England

    At some point in June, John Rolfe makes the first shipment of West Indian tobacco that was grown in Virginia and sends it to England.