James town

  • 1606

    105 adventures set off fron egland
  • Period: to

    james town

  • 1608

    john smith became the cononys leader.
  • 1608

    the frist two woman to arrivad at james town.
  • 1609-1610

    often know as the stavring tmie at james town.
  • 1610

    just when the colonist where about to abandon jamestown more settlers came from egland.
  • 1619

    the frist documrted africans was in Virginia.
  • 1620

    pilgrims landed at ply muoth in massusetts it sparked a series of cultural encoutes that helped shape the nation.
  • 1622

    war with the powhatan indians.
  • 1624

    viginia company was dissovled and virginia became a royal colony.
  • 1699

    The seat of goverment moved to willamberg.