Jalynn at 17 years

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  • Jalynn's birth

    Jalynn's birth
    I, Jalynn Nichole Dallaire, was born at St. Claire Medical Center in Morehead, KY to Rebecca and Richard Dallaire, weighing 8lb 15.5oz. I am their only daughter.
  • Dad joins the Army

    Dad joins the Army
    Dad joined the Army National Guard, but was activated the entire time of his service and away from home.
  • New mom

    New mom
    My mom was an alcoholic and left the family. The babysitter and my dad fell in love and she joined the family.
  • Reconnecting with family

    Reconnecting with family
    Dad had been estranged from his mom and all the family still living in Michigan since before Jalynn was born. When he divorced his first wife he reconnected with them, and the whole family got to know their grandparents, uncle, aunt, and cousins. We visited MI a couple of times a year.
  • Dad and Mom get divorced

    Dad and Mom get divorced
    After all the family problems, and now the new girlfriend, dad files for divorce from my mom. It's official in April 2009.
  • Jalynn decides to cheer!

    Jalynn decides to cheer!
    I begged for months to join the YFL Cheerleading team, but ended up hating it and wanted to quit after three weeks. My parents told me I had to finish out the season anyhow. Both my brothers were in football at the same time. I didn't like the short skirts and drama!
  • New extended family

    New extended family
    Along with the new stepmom, came all her extended family. I now have a new aunt, two uncles, several cousins, and yet another set of grandparents (This makes 4!)
  • Baby sister is born

    Baby sister is born
    New baby sister, Carmelita, is born and finally, I finally have a sister. I told dad and Whittney "If it's a boy, can we leave it at the hospital?"
  • Dad and Whittney get married

    Dad and Whittney get married
    After 2 years and a new baby together, my dad marries Whittney and the new family is official.
  • New home

    New home
    After 8 years of fighting, dad finally got his VA benefits approved and we moved from our run-down trailer to a house on a farm in Willard, KY.
  • Jalynn starts homeschool

    My parents took me out of public schools and enrolled me first in a Christian based curriculum through the mail, then in Bavel.
  • Jalynn joins Girl Scouts (again)

    Jalynn joins Girl Scouts (again)
    In 3rd grade, I tried Girl Scouts but didn't like it so much. When Carmelita joined, I decided to join again (11th grade this time) for the community service and opportunities. This time my best friend, Zoie, joined too.
  • Becoming an aunt

    Becoming an aunt
    Waylon Cash was born on September 26, 2017, and stole the entire family's heart. He is my first nephew.
  • Mamaw Kathy dies

    Mamaw Kathy dies
    My maternal memal passed away, it has been a very traumatic loss.
  • Officially a couple

    Officially a couple
    Larkin and I met at a Veterans Day dinner at the American Legion in 2017, but neither of us was brave enough to speak to the other. At the community egg hunt, we both volunteered and exchanged numbers. April 16, we became an official couple and have been together ever since.
  • Nephew #2

    Nephew #2
    Reed Alexander, nephew #2, was born April 11, 2019
    Dad and I missed the birth because we were working the Anniversary Bash event at Rush Off-road
  • Starting Senior Year

    Finally, my last year of high school!
  • Period: to

    Community Involvement

    Starting in 2016 and continuing to present-time, I volunteer every month at the local Food Pantry at the church in Willard. I also partake in every community project the American Legion heads up, including the Community Egg Hunt, Independence Day Celebration, Veterans Dinner, Community Christmas Party, monthly BINGO at the nursing home, etc.