Alberteinstein 6

Jackie's Hero's Journey

By jlee127
  • Free-write and Subway story

    I watched the video about the suway hero, and the video made me think about what kind of heroes are out there. After that, I wrote my personal definition of a hero. A hero is somone who does things for the benefit of others.
  • Period: to

    Jackie's Hero's Journey

  • Roy Benavidez and John McCain

    Today, I watched the video about Roy Benevidez's heroic rescue. I was extremely surprised how someone can save eight people in a battle field after taking several wounds. Roy was a prime example of a military hero. After that, I listened to stories from a book written by John McCain.
  • Interview: Kristi Quillen

    In class, I watched the interview between Kristi Quillen and Ms. Simmons and Ms. Allen. The interview gave me a couple of ideas of what kind of questions I should ask in my interview.
  • Heroes in Literature

    The substitute passed out the packet over literary heroes, and I thought about who the real heroes were, the author, or the character in the book.
  • Library

    I found a biography about my hero, Albert Einstein, and started reading the book.
  • Library Day 2

    Library Day 2
    I found couple of interesting articles to use for my final hero's journey paper.
  • Broadening Views of a Hero

    Broadening Views of a Hero
    Our class divided specific heroes into different categories in order to see all the types of hero there are. For example, we put the Wright Brothers and Bill Gates under innovators. Also, we watched videos over the Tuesday Muse, Hudson Plaskoff, and the Haitian friends which made me think about how the youth can be heroes.
  • "Change the World" Powerpoint

    "Change the World" Powerpoint
    Today, after watching videos over the Badly Drawn Boy, Hugh Laurie, John Mayer, and the responsibility ad, I answered several questions over the videos which helped me understand the concept of a hero better.
  • First Blog: How I Chose My Hero and Amy MacDonald

    I turned in my first blog about how i chose Albert Einstein and listened to the song by Amy MacDonald which i found really obnoxious. After listening to her song, it made me think about the youth of today.
  • Literary Heroes From Past Books

    Literary Heroes From Past Books
    Our class listed books that we read over the years in order to have a list of literary heroes.
  • Second Blog: Heroes in Literature

    Second Blog: Heroes in Literature
    I turned in my second blog about my childhood hero, what a hero is to me, and heroes from literature.
  • DEAR

    I read my book over my hero, Albert Einstein.
  • Sharing from Biographies

    Sharing from Biographies
    I shared my interesting passage about Albert Einstein with the class. I was intrigued by the fact that they used Einstein's brain as a research subject. I believe his intelligence stemmed from his childhood because he learned to think about new possibilities by himself instead of listening to his strict teachers at school.
  • Third Blog: Timetoast

    I turned in my third blog.