Jackie Robinson-Hector Perez 6/7 block

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In History
  • birth

    Jackie was born
  • Juco

    Jackie Robinson goes to Pasadena Junior College
  • college

    Jackie Robinson accepted a scholarship to UCLA
  • football

    Jackie Robinson joins the Honolulu Bears(Negro League in football)
  • army

    Jackie Robinson gets drafted to the U.S. Army
  • army

    Jackie Robinson graduates as a lietenant from Officers Candidate School
  • negroleaugesbaseball

    Jackie Robinson joins the Kansas City Monarchs(Negro League in baseball)
  • wife

    Jackie Robinson meets Branch Rickey, marries Rachel Isum, joins the Montreal Royals, and has a son Jackie Jr
  • daughter

  • after baseball

    Jackie Robinson retires from baseball, but starts a few businesses like the Chock Full O' Nuts restaurant chain
  • jackie dies

    Jackie Robinson dies of a heart attack in Stanford, Conneticut at age 53