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Jackie robinson by Mason

By mrst
  • Frist Negro Major Basebal Player

    Frist Negro Major Basebal Player
    jackie was the frist negro to play in the mlb. He was told he was going to play in the mlb in 1964.
  • Jackie robinson

    Jackie robinson
    Jackie robinson was born january 31,1919-October 24,1972
  • Six wold series

    jackie robinson was in six world series and in 1955 he was a great help to the dogers in the 1955 world chamionship
  • Jackie robinson all-star

    Jackie robinson all-star
    jackie was selected for 6 consecutive all-star games from 1949-1954
  • jackie televison analist

    jackie televison analist
    He was the frist African-American to be a televison analyst
  • jackie robinson televison analist

    jackie robinson televison analist
    Jackie robnson was the frist African-American tv analist
  • Jackie recives award

    Jackie won an most valuble player award in 1949