Jackie robinson biography

Jackie Robinson by Chandler Barrow

  • Born

    Jackie Robinson was born in Cairo, GA
  • Graduation

    Robinson became the first athlete at UCLA to play four different sports, and graduated.
  • Negro leagues

    Negro leagues
    Played for the Kansas City Monarchs for the Negro Leagues.
  • MLB Debut

    MLB Debut
    Jackie Robinsons first time in the Major Leagues
  • Rookie of the Year

    Robinson won the Rookie of the year award. Which was a big shocker.
  • Leading the League

    Lead the national league in stolen bases, and batting average
  • MVP

    Robinson was awarded MVP
  • Trade and Retirement

    Jackie Robinson got traded to the NY Giants and a month later retired.
  • Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame
    Robinson was inducted to the Hall of Fame
  • Death

    Jackie Robinson died at the age of 53